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Pathogenicity, Symptom Development, and Colonization of Metrosideros polymorpha by Ceratocystis lukuohia Hughes, Marc A.; Juzwik, Jennifer ; Harrington, Thomas C.; Keith, Lisa M. 2020
Contribution of Maize Polyamine and Amino Acid Metabolism Toward Resistance Against Aspergillus flavus Infection and Aflatoxin Production Majumdar, Rajtilak ; Minocha, Rakesh ; Lebar, Matthew D.; Rajasekaran, Kanniah ; Long, Stephanie ; Carter-Wientjes, Carol ; Minocha, Subhash ; Cary, Jeffrey W. 2019
Reproduction and potential range expansion of walnut twig beetle across the Juglandaceae Hefty, Andrea R.; Aukema, Brian H.; Venette, Robert C.; Coggeshall, Mark V; McKenna, James R.; Seybold, Steven J. 2018
Colonization behaviors of mountain pine beetle on novel hosts: Implications for range expansion into northeastern North America Rosenberger, Derek W.; Venette, Robert C.; Maddox, Mitchell P.; Aukema, Brian H.; Reddy, Gadi V.P. 2017
Dynamic Acquisition and Loss of Dual-Obligate Symbionts in the Plant-Sap-Feeding Adelgidae (Hemiptera: Sternorrhyncha: Aphidoidea) von Dohlen, Carol D.; Spaulding, Usha; Patch, Kistie B.; Weglarz, Kathryn M.; Foottit, Robert G.; Havill, Nathan P.; Burke, Gaelen R. 2017
Mapping of the Asian longhorned beetle's time to maturity and risk to invasion at contiguous United States extent Kappel, Alexander P.; Trotter, R. Talbot; Keena, Melody A.; Rogan, John; Williams, Christopher A. 2017
Ancient and modern colonization of North America by hemlock woolly adelgid, Adelges tsugae (Hemiptera: Adelgidae), an invasive insect from East Asia Havill, Nathan P. ; Shiyake, Shigehiko; Lamb Galloway, Ashley; Foottit, Robert G.; Yu, Guoyue; Paradis, Annie; Elkinton, Joseph; Montgomery, Michael E.; Sano, Masakazu; Caccone, Adalgisa 2016
Reproduction of walnut twig beetle in black walnut and butternut Hefty, Andrea R.; Coggeshall, Mark V.; Aukema, Brian H.; Venette, Robert C.; Seybold, Steven J. 2016
Ceratocystis smalleyi colonization of bitternut hickkory and host responses in the xylem Park, J.-H.; Juzwik, J. 2014
Effect of garlic mustard invasion on ectomycorrhizae in mature pine trees and pine seedlings Carlson, Lauren A.; McConnaughay, Kelly D.; Morris, Sherri J. 2014

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