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Our collection of research publications available in electronic format grows daily.  If a publication you need is not yet available, please follow the link and fill out a request form or email Sharon Hobrla and we will notify you as soon as it has been added to our online collection.

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Genetic Differentiation and Phenotypic Plasticity of Forest Herbaceous Species in Iowa, Central United States Altrichter, Emily A.; Mabry, Catherine M.; Thompson, Janette R.; Kolka, Randall K. 2020
Time Is Not Money: Income Is More Important Than Lifestage for Explaining Patterns of Residential Yard Plant Community Structure and Diversity in Baltimore Avolio, Meghan ; Blanchette, Allison ; Sonti, Nancy F.; Locke, Dexter H. 2020
A few winter fungi Smith, Kevin T. 2019
An assessment of Canada thistle in northern U.S. forests Kurtz, Cassandra M.; Hansen, Mark H. 2019
Global change effects on plant communities are magnified by time and the number of global change factors imposed Komatsu, Kimberly J.; Avolio, Meghan L.; Lemoine, Nathan P.; Isbell, Forest ; Grman, Emily ; Houseman, Gregory R.; Koerner, Sally E.; Johnson, David S.; Wilcox, Kevin R.; Alatalo, Juha M.; Anderson, John P.; Aerts, Rien ; Baer, Sara G.; Baldwin, Andrew H.; Bates, Jonathan ; Beierkuhnlein, Carl ; Belote, R. Travis; Blair, John ; Bloor, Juliette M. G.; Bohlen, Patrick J.; Bork, Edward W.; Boughton, Elizabeth H.; Bowman, William D.; Britton, Andrea J.; Cahill, James F.; Chaneton, Enrique ; Chiariello, Nona R.; Cheng, Jimin ; Collins, Scott L.; Cornelissen, J. Hans C.; Du, Guozhen ; Eskelinen, Anu ; Firn, Jennifer ; Foster, Bryan ; Gough, Laura ; Gross, Katherine ; Hallett, Lauren M.; Han, Xingguo ; Harmens, Harry ; Hovenden, Mark J.; Jagerbrand, Annika ; Jentsch, Anke ; Kern, Christel ; Klanderud, Kari ; Knapp, Alan K.; Kreyling, Juergen ; Li, Wei ; Luo, Yiqi ; McCulley, Rebecca L.; McLaren, Jennie R.; Megonigal, J. Patrick; Morgan, John W.; Onipchenko, Vladimir ; Pennings, Steven C.; Prevéy, Janet S.; Price, Jodi N.; Reich, Peter B.; Robinson, Clare H.; Russell, F. Leland; Sala, Osvaldo E.; Seabloom, Eric W.; Smith, Melinda D.; Soudzilovskaia, Nadejda A.; Souza, Lara ; Suding, Katherine ; Suttle, K. Blake; Svejcar, Tony ; Tilman, David ; Tognetti, Pedro ; Turkington, Roy ; White, Shannon ; Xu, Zhuwen ; Yahdjian, Laura ; Yu, Qiang ; Zhang, Pengfei ; Zhang, Yunhai 2019
Potential vulnerability of 348 herbaceous species to atmospheric deposition of nitrogen and sulfur in the United States Clark, Christopher M.; Simkin, Samuel M.; Allen, Edith B.; Bowman, William D.; Belnap, Jayne ; Brooks, Matthew L.; Collins, Scott L.; Geiser, Linda H.; Gilliam, Frank S.; Jovan, Sarah E.; Pardo, Linda H.; Schulz, Bethany K.; Stevens, Carly J.; Suding, Katharine N.; Throop, Heather L.; Waller, Donald M. 2019
Using herbicides to control interfering understories in the Allegheny hardwood stands, 2. Sharpening the tools in the toolbox Ristau, Todd 2019
A reconceptualization of open oak and pine ecosystems of eastern North America using a forest structure spectrum Hanberry, Brice B.; Bragg, Don C.; Hutchinson, Todd F. 2018
A regional assessment of white-tailed deer effects on plant invasion Averill, Kristine M; Mortensen, David A; Smithwick, Erica A H; Kalisz, Susan; McShea, William J; Bourg, Norman A; Parker, John D; Royo, Alejandro A; Abrams, Marc D; Apsley, David K; Blossey, Bernd; Boucher, Douglas H; Caraher, Kai L; DiTommaso, Antonio; Johnson, Sarah E; Masson, Robert; Nuzzo, Victoria A. 2017
Biological invasions in forest ecosystems Liebhold, Andrew M.; Brockerhoff, Eckehard G.; Kalisz, Susan; Nuñez, Martin A.; Wardle, David A.; Wingfield, Michael J. 2017

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