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Our collection of research publications available in electronic format grows daily.  If a publication you need is not yet available, please follow the link and fill out a request form or email Sharon Hobrla and we will notify you as soon as it has been added to our online collection.

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Genetic Differentiation and Phenotypic Plasticity of Forest Herbaceous Species in Iowa, Central United States Altrichter, Emily A.; Mabry, Catherine M.; Thompson, Janette R.; Kolka, Randall K. 2020
Deer browsing overwhelms extended leaf phenology benefits: A test case with Rubus allegheniensis and a recalcitrant hay-scented fern layer Royo, Alejandro A.; Stanovick, John S. 2019
Using herbicides to control interfering understories in the Allegheny hardwood stands, 2. Sharpening the tools in the toolbox Ristau, Todd 2019
A reconceptualization of open oak and pine ecosystems of eastern North America using a forest structure spectrum Hanberry, Brice B.; Bragg, Don C.; Hutchinson, Todd F. 2018
Forested versus herbaceous wetlands: Can management mitigate ecohydrologic regime shifts from invasive emerald ash borer? Diamond, Jacob S.; McLaughlin, Daniel L.; Slesak, Robert A.; D'Amato, Anthony W.; Palik, Brian J. 2018
Long-term pine regeneration, shrub layer dynamics, and understory community composition responses to repeated prescribed fire in Pinus resinosa forests Scherer, Sawyer S.; Kern, Christel C.; D'Amato, Anthony W.; Palik, Brian J.; Russell, Matthew R. 2018
Promoting and maintaining diversity in contemporary hardwood forests: Confronting contemporary drivers of change and the loss of ecological memory Webster, Christopher R.; Dickinson, Yvette L.; Burton, Julia I; Frelich, Lee E.; Jenkins, Michael A.; Kern, Christel C.; Raymond, Patricia ; Saunders, Michael R.; Walters, Michael B.; Willis, John L. 2018
Response of overstory and understory vegetation 37 years after prescribed burning in an aspen-dominated forest in northern Minnesota, USA – A case study Dhar, A. ; Baker, C. D.; Massicotte, H. B.; Palik, B. ; Hawkins, C. D. B. 2018
Community-Level Impacts of Management and Disturbance in Western Michigan Oak Savannas Reinhardt, Jason R.; Nagel, Linda M.; Swanston, Christopher W.; Keough, Heather 2017
Control of hay-scented and New York ferns with Oust Xp® herbicide: Revisiting rate and timing required in mixed oak and northern hardwood stands Ristau, Todd E. 2017

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