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Improving uncertainty in forest carbon accounting for REDD+ mitigation efforts Yanai, Ruth ; Wayson, Craig ; Lee, Donna ; Espejo, Andres ; Campbell, John ; Green, Mark ; Zukswert, Jenna M.; Yoffe, Shira ; Aukema, Juliann ; Lister, Andrew ; Kirchner, James ; G P Gamarra, Javier 2020
A systems approach to assess climate change mitigation options in landscapes of the United States forest sector Dugan, Alexa J.; Birdsey, Richard ; Mascorro, Vanessa S.; Magnan, Michael ; Smyth, Carolyn E.; Olguin, Marcela ; Kurz, Werner A. 2018
Reforestation can sequester two petagrams of carbon in US topsoils in a century Nave, Lucas E.; Domke, Grant M.; Hofmeister, Kathryn L.; Mishra, Umakant; Perry, Charles H.; Walters, Brian F.; Swanston, Christopher W. 2018
Chapter 3: Greenhouse gas mitigation and accounting Schoeneberger, Michele; Domke, Grant 2017
Considering Forest and Grassland Carbon in Land Management Janowiak, M.; Connelly, W.J.; Dante-Wood, K.; Domke, G.M.; Giardina, C.; Kayler, Z.; Marcinkowski, K.; Ontl, T.; Rodriguez-Franco, C.; Swanston, C.; Woodall, C.W.; Buford, M. 2017
Attribution of net carbon change by disturbance type across forest lands of the conterminous United States Harris, N. L.; Hagen, S. C.; Saatchi, S. S.; Pearson, T. R. H.; Woodall, Christopher W.; Domke, Grant M.; Braswell, B. H.; Walters, Brian F.; Brown, S.; Salas, W.; Fore, A.; Yu, Y. 2016
Tropical wetlands, climate, and land-use change: adaptation and mitigation opportunities Kolka, Randy; Murdiyarso, D.; Kauffman, J. B.; Birdsey, Richard 2016
Current systematic carbon-cycle observations and the need for implementing a policy-relevant carbon observing system Ciais, P.; Dolman, A. J.; Bombelli, A.; Duren, R.; Peregon, A.; Rayner, P. J.; Miller, C.; Gobron, N.; Kinderman, G.; Marland, G.; Gruber, N.; Chevallier, F.; Andres, R. J.; Balsamo, G.; Bopp, L.; Bréon, F.-M.; Broquet, G.; Dargaville, R.; Battin, T. J.; Borges, A.; Bovensmann, H.; Buchwitz, M.; Butler, J.; Canadell, J. G.; Cook, R. B.; DeFries, R.; Engelen, R.; Gurney, K. R.; Heinze, C.; Heimann, M.; Held, A.; Henry, M.; Law, B.; Luyssaert, S.; Miller, J.; Moriyama, T.; Moulin, C.; Myneni, R. B.; Nussli, C.; Obersteiner, M.; Ojima, D.; Pan, Y.; Paris, J.-D.; Piao, S. L.; Poulter, B.; Plummer, S.; Quegan, S.; Raymond, P.; Reichstein, M.; Rivier, L.; Sabine, C.; Schimel, D.; Tarasova, O.; Valentini, R.; Wang, R.; van der Werf, G.; Wickland, D.; Williams, M.; Zehner, C. 2014
Past and prospective carbon stocks in forests of northern Wisconsin: a report from the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest Climate Change Response Framework Birdsey, Richard; Pan, Yude; Janowiak, Maria; Stewart, Susan; Hines, Sarah; Parker, Linda; Gower, Stith; Lichstein, Jeremy; McCullough, Kevin; Zhang, Fangmin; Chen, Jing; Mladenoff, David; Wayson, Craig; Swanston, Chris 2014
Using FIA data to inform United States forest carbon national-level accounting needs: 1990-2010 Heath, Linda S. 2013

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