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Biocultural diversity of common walnut (Juglans regia L.) and sweet chestnut (Castanea sativa Mill.) across Eurasia Pollegioni, Paola ; Lungo, Stefano Del; Müller, Ruth ; Woeste, Keith E.; Chiocchini, Francesca ; Clark, Jo ; Hemery, Gabriel E.; Mapelli, Sergio ; Villani, Fiorella ; Malvolti, Maria Emilia; Mattioni, Claudia 2020
Increasing ground-layer plant taxonomic diversity masks declining phylogenetic diversity along a silvicultural disturbance gradient Hupperts, Stefan F.; Webster, Christopher R.; Froese, Robert E.; Lilleskov, Erik A.; Marcarelli, Amy M.; Dickinson, Yvette L. 2020
Taxonomic, phylogenetic, and functional composition and homogenization of residential yard vegetation with contrasting management Padullés Cubino, Josep ; Cavender-Bares, Jeannine ; Groffman, Peter M.; Avolio, Meghan L.; Bratt, Anika R.; Hall, Sharon J.; Larson, Kelli L.; Lerman, Susannah B.; Narango, Desiree L.; Neill, Christopher ; Trammell, Tara L.E.; Wheeler, Megan M.; Hobbie, Sarah E. 2020
Simulating nutrient release from parental carcasses increases the growth, biomass and genetic diversity of juvenile Atlantic salmon McLennan, Darryl ; Auer, Sonya K.; Anderson, Graeme J.; Reid, Thomas C.; Bassar, Ronald D.; Stewart, David C.; Cauwelier, Eef ; Sampayo, James ; McKelvey, Simon ; Nislow, Keith H.; Armstrong, John D.; Metcalfe, Neil B. 2019
Genetic diversity of superior Persian walnut genotypes in Azadshahr, Iran Shamlu, Fatemeh ; Rezaei, Mehdi ; Lawson, Shaneka ; Ebrahimi, Aziz ; Biabani, Abbas ; Khan-Ahmadi, Alireza 2018
Nutrients from salmon parents alter selection pressures on their offspring Auer, Sonya K.; Anderson, Graeme J.; McKelvey, Simon ; Bassar, Ronald D.; McLennan, Darryl ; Armstrong, John D.; Nislow, Keith H.; Downie, Helen K.; McKelvey, Lynn ; Morgan, Thomas A.J.; Salin, Karine ; Orrell, Danielle L.; Gauthey, Alice ; Reid, Thomas C.; Metcalfe, Neil B. 2018
Optimizing conservation strategies for a threatened tree species: In situ conservation of white ash (Fraxinus americana L.) genetic diversity through insecticide treatment Flower, Charles; Fant, Jeremie; Hoban, Sean; Knight, Kathleen; Steger, Laura; Aubihl, Elijah; Gonzalez-Meler, Miquel; Forry, Stephen; Hille, Andrea; Royo, Alejandro 2018
Postglacial recolonization shaped the genetic diversity of the winter moth (Operophtera brumata) in Europe Andersen, Jeremy C.; Havill, Nathan P.; Caccone, Adalgisa; Elkinton, Joseph S. 2017
Estimating and mapping forest structural diversity using airborne laser scanning data Mura, Matteo ; McRoberts, Ronald E.; Chirici, Gherardo ; Marchetti, Marco 2015
National report on sustainable forests—2015: conservation of biological diversity Nelson, Mark D.; Flather, Curtis; Riitters, Kurt H.; Sieg, Carolyn; Garner, James D. 2015

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