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An open-source database for the synthesis of soil radiocarbon data: International Soil Radiocarbon Database (ISRaD) version 1.0 Lawrence, Corey R.; Beem-Miller, Jeffrey ; Hoyt, Alison M.; Monroe, Grey ; Sierra, Carlos A.; Stoner, Shane ; Heckman, Katherine ; Blankinship, Joseph C.; Crow, Susan E.; McNicol, Gavin ; Trumbore, Susan ; Levine, Paul A.; Vindušková, Olga ; Todd-Brown, Katherine ; Rasmussen, Craig ; Hicks Pries, Caitlin E.; Schädel, Christina ; McFarlane, Karis ; Doetterl, Sebastian ; Hatté, Christine ; He, Yujie ; Treat, Claire ; Harden, Jennifer W.; Torn, Margaret S.; Estop-Aragonés, Cristian ; Asefaw Berhe, Asmeret ; Keiluweit, Marco ; Della Rosa Kuhnen, Ágatha ; Marin-Spiotta, Erika ; Plante, Alain F.; Thompson, Aaron ; Shi, Zheng ; Schimel, Joshua P.; Vaughn, Lydia J. S.; von Fromm, Sophie F.; Wagai, Rota 2020
Long term effects of intensive biomass harvesting and compaction on the forest soil ecosystem Lewandowski, Tera E.; Forrester, Jodi A.; Mladenoff, David J.; Marin-Spiotta, Erika ; D'Amato, Anthony W.; Palik, Brian J.; Kolka, Randall K. 2019
Controls on Soil Organic Carbon Partitioning and Stabilization in the California Sierra Nevada Rasmussen, Craig ; Throckmorton, Heather ; Liles, Garrett ; Heckman, Katherine ; Meding, Stephen ; Horwath, William 2018
New Insights on Ecosystem Mercury Cycling Revealed by Stable Isotopes of Mercury in Water Flowing from a Headwater Peatland Catchment Woerndle, Glenn E.; Tsz-Ki Tsui, Martin ; Sebestyen, Stephen D.; Blum, Joel D.; Nie, Xiangping ; Kolka, Randall K. 2018
Soil carbon cycling proxies: Understanding their critical role in predicting climate change feedbacks Bailey, Vanessa L.; Bond-Lamberty, Ben ; DeAngelis, Kristen ; Grandy, A. Stuart; Hawkes, Christine V; Heckman, Kate ; Lajtha, Kate ; Phillips, Richard P.; Sulman, Benjamin N.; Todd-Brown, Katherine E. O.; Wallenstein, Matthew D. 2017
Stable water isotopes suggest sub-canopy water recycling in a northern forested catchment Green, Mark B.; Laursen, Bethany K.; Campbell, John L.; McGuire, Kevin J.; Kelsey, Eric P. 2015
Patterns in δ15N in roots, stems, and leaves of sugar maple and American beech seedlings, saplings, and mature trees Pardo, L.H.; Semaoune, P.; Schaberg, P.G.; Eagar, C.; Sebilo, M. 2013
Sorptive fractionation of organic matter and formation of organo-hydroxy-aluminum complexes during litter biodegradation in the presence of gibbsite Heckman, K.; Grandy, A.S.; Gao, X.; Keiluweit, M.; Wickings, K.; Carpenter, K.; Chorover, J.; Rasmussen, C. 2013
Turnover of intra- and extra-aggregate organic matter at the silt-size scale Virto, I.; Moni, C.; Swanston, C.; Chenu, C. 2010
Soil organic matter dynamics during 80 years of reforestation of tropical pastures Marin-Spiotta, Erika; Silver, Whendee L.; Swanston, Christopher W.; Ostertag, Rebecca 2009

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