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Our collection of research publications available in electronic format grows daily.  If a publication you need is not yet available, please follow the link and fill out a request form or email Sharon Hobrla and we will notify you as soon as it has been added to our online collection.

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An Adaptive and Evidence-Based Approach to Building and Retaining Gender Diversity within a University Forestry Education Program: A Case Study of SWIFT Crandall, Mindy ; Costanza, Kara ; Zukswert, Jenna ; Kenefic, Laura ; Leahy, Jessica E. 2020
Drivers of change in U.S. forests and forestry over the next 20 years Dockry, Michael J.; Bengston, David N.; Westphal, Lynne M. 2020
Education as a driver of change in U.S. forests and the forest sector Sharik, Terry L.; Storer, Andrew J.; Bal, Tara L.; Abbas, Dalia 2020
The Woods around the Ivory Tower: A Systematic Review Examining the Value and Relevance of School Forests in the United States Coleman, Kimberly J.; Perry, Elizabeth E.; Thom, Dominik ; Gladkikh, Tatiana M.; Keeton, William S.; Clark, Peter W.; Tursini, Ralph E.; Wallin, Kimberly F. 2020
Understanding the key characteristics and challenges of pine barrens restoration: Insights from a Delphi survey of forest land managers and researchers Gobster, Paul H.; Schneider, Ingrid E.; Floress, Kristin M.; Haines, Anna L.; Arnberger, Arne ; Dockry, Michael J.; Benton, Claire 2020
Climate change curricula for adult audiences in agriculture and forestry: A review Schattman, Rachel E.; Kaplan, Marjorie ; Aitken, Hannah M.; Helminski, Jennifer 2019
Willingness of nonindustrial private forest owners in Norway to supply logging residues for wood energy Sjolie, Hanne K.; Becker, Dennis; Habesland, Daniel; Solberg, Birger; Lindstad, Berit Hauger; Snyder, Stephanie; Kilgore, Mike 2016
Influencing woodland management using web-based technology Thomas, William R.; Stringer, Jeffrey W. 2011
Integrating climate change considerations into forest management tools and training Nagel, Linda M.; Swanston, Christopher W.; Janowiak, Maria K. 2010
The use of Forest Service experimental forests and ranges for long-term research on invasive species Crawford, Ralph Holiday; Miller, Gary W. 2010

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