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Fire Scars Negatively Affect Hydraulic Conductivity in White Oak (Quercus alba) Dee, Justin R.; Stambaugh, Michael C.; Smith, Kevin T.; Dey, Daniel C. 2019
Historical Fire Regimes in Red Pine Forests of the Adirondack Mountains, New York, USA Abadir, Erin R.; Marschall, Joseph M.; Dey, Daniel C.; Stambaugh, Michael C. 2019
Wave of fire: an anthropogenic signal in historical fire regimes across central Pennsylvania, USA Stambaugh, Michael C.; Marschall, Joseph M.; Abadir, Erin R.; Jones, Benjamin C.; Brose, Patrick H.; Dey, Daniel C.; Guyette, Richard P. 2018
Mortality, scarring, and growth in an oak woodland following prescribed fire and commercial thinning in the Ozark Highlands Kinkead, C.S.; Stambaugh, M.C.; Kabrick, J.M. 2017
350 years of fire-climate-human interactions in a Great Lakes sandy outwash plain Guyette, Richard; Stambaugh, Michael; Dey, Daniel C.; Marschall, Joseph; Saunders, Jay; Lampereur, John 2016
Fire regimes of remnant pitch pine communities in the Ridge and Valley Region of central Pennsylvania, USA. Forests Marschall, Joseph; Stambaugh, Michael; Jones, Benjamin; Guyette, Richard; Brose, Patrick; Dey, Daniel C. 2016
Macroanatomy and compartmentalization of recent fire scars in three North American conifers Smith, Kevin T.; Arbellay, Estelle; Falk, Donald A.; Sutherland, Elaine Kennedy 2016
Scale Dependence of Oak Woodland Historical Fire Intervals: Contrasting the Barrens of Tennessee and Cross Timbers of Oklahoma, USA Stambaugh, Michael C.; Guyette, Richard P.; Marschall, Joseph M.; Dey, Daniel C. 2016
Fire history reflects human history in the Pine Creek Gorge of north-central Pennsylvania Brose, Patrick H.; Guyette, Richard P.; Marschall, Joseph M.; Stambaugh, Michael C. 2015
Changes in tracheid and ray traits in fire scars of North American conifers and their ecophysiological implications Arbellay, Estelle; Stoffel, Markus; Sutherland, Elaine K.; Smith, Kevin T.; Falk, Donald A. 2014

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