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Our collection of research publications available in electronic format grows daily.  If a publication you need is not yet available, please follow the link and fill out a request form or email Sharon Hobrla and we will notify you as soon as it has been added to our online collection.

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High wildfire damage in interface communities in California Kramer, Heather Anu; Mockrin, Miranda H.; Alexandre, Patricia M.; Radeloff, Volker C. 2019
Response and future readiness: Vegetation mitigation after destructive wildfire Fishler, Hillary K.; Mockrin, Miranda H.; Stewart, Susan I 2019
Investigation of firebrand generation from an experimental fire: Development of a reliable data collection methodology Thomas, Jan C.; Mueller, Eric V.; Santamaria, Simon; Gallagher, Michael; El Houssami, Mohamad; Filkov, Alexander; Clark, Kenneth; Skowronski, Nicholas; Hadden, Rory M.; Mell, William; Simeoni, Albert 2017
Wildfire communication and climate risk mitigation Wilson, Robyn S.; McCaffrey, Sarah M.; Toman, Eric 2017
Recovery and adaptation after wildfire on the Colorado Front Range (201012) Mockrin, Miranda H.; Stewart, Susan I.; Radeloff, Volker C.; Hammer, Roger B. 2016
Adapting to wildfire: Rebuilding after home loss Mockrin, Miranda H.; Stewart, Susan I.; Radeloff, Volker C.; Hammer, Roger B.; Alexandre, Patricia M. 2015
Community wildfire preparedness: a global state-of-the-knowledge summary of social science research McCaffrey, Sarah 2015
Indicators of climate impacts for forests: recommendations for the US National Climate Assessment indicators system Heath, Linda S.; Anderson, Sarah M.; Emery, Marla R.; Hicke, Jeffrey A.; Littell, Jeremy; Lucier, Alan; Masek, Jeffrey G.; Peterson, David L.; Pouyat, Richard; Potter, Kevin M.; Robertson, Guy; Sperry, Jinelle; Bytnerowicz, Andrzej; Jovan, Sarah; Mockrin, Miranda H.; Musselman, Robert; Schulz, Bethany K.; Smith, Robert J.; Stewart, Susan I. 2015
Initial results from a field experiment to support the assessment of fuel treatment effectiveness in reducing wildfire intensity and spread rate Mueller, Eric; Skowronski, Nicholas; Clark, Kenneth; Kremens, Robert; Gallagher, Michael; Thomas, Jan; El Houssami, Mohamad; Filkod, Alexander; Butler, Bret; Hom, John; Mell, William; Simeoni, Albert 2015
Social science findings in the United States McCaffrey, Sarah; Toman, Eric; Stidham, Melanie; Shindler, Bruce 2015

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