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Atmospheric turbulence in wildland fire environments: implications for fire behavior and smoke dispersion Heilman, Warren E. 2021
Decadal changes in fire frequencies shift tree communities and functional traits Pellegrini, Adam F. A.; Refsland, Tyler ; Averill, Colin ; Terrer, César ; Staver, A. Carla; Brockway, Dale G.; Caprio, Anthony ; Clatterbuck, Wayne ; Coetsee, Corli ; Haywood, James D.; Hobbie, Sarah E.; Hoffmann, William A.; Kush, John ; Lewis, Tom ; Moser, W. Keith; Overby, Steven T.; Patterson, William A.; Peay, Kabir G.; Reich, Peter B.; Ryan, Casey ; Sayer, Mary Anne S.; Scharenbroch, Bryant C.; Schoennagel, Tania ; Smith, Gabriel Reuben; Stephan, Kirsten ; Swanston, Chris ; Turner, Monica G.; Varner, J. Morgan; Jackson, Robert B. 2021
Learning to live with fire: managing the impacts of prescribed burning on eastern hardwood v¿alue Dey, Daniel C.; Stambaugh, Michael C.; Schweitzer, Callie J. 2021
Observations of Sweep–Ejection Dynamics for Heat and Momentum Fluxes during Wildland Fires in Forested and Grassland Environments Heilman, Warren E.; Banerjee, Tirtha ; Clements, Craig B.; Clark, Kenneth L.; Zhong, Shiyuan ; Bian, Xindi 2021
After the fire: Perceptions of land use planning to reduce wildfire risk in eight communities across the United States Mockrin, Miranda H.; Fishler, Hillary K.; Stewart, Susan I 2020
Flame spread behavior characterization of discrete fuel array under a forced flow Di Cristina, Giovanni; Skowronski, Nicholas S.; Simeoni, Albert ; Rangwala, Ali S.; Im, Seong-kyun 2020
Influence of canopy openness, ungulate exclosure, and low-intensity fire for improved oak regeneration in temperate Europe Petersson, Linda K.; Dey, Daniel C.; Felton, Annika M.; Gardiner, Emile S.; Löf, Magnus 2020
Investigation of the role of bulk properties and in-bed structure in the flow regime of buoyancy-dominated flame spread in porous fuel beds Campbell-Lochrie, Zakary ; Walker-Ravena, Carlos ; Gallagher, Michael ; Skowronski, Nicholas ; Mueller, Eric V; Hadden, Rory M. 2020
Prescribed burn frequency, vegetation cover, and management legacies influence soil fertility: Implications for restoration of imperiled pine barrens habitat Quigley, Kathleen M.; Kolka, Randall ; Sturtevant, Brian R.; Dickinson, Matthew B.; Kern, Christel C.; Donner, Deahn M.; Miesel, Jessica R. 2020
Synoptic weather patterns for large wildfires in the northwestern United States—a climatological analysis using three classification methods Zhong, Shiyuan ; Yu, Lejiang ; Heilman, Warren E.; Bian, Xindi ; Fromm, Hannah 2020

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