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Climate-driven shifts in soil temperature and moisture regimes suggest opportunities to enhance assessments of dryland resilience and resistance Bradford, John B.; Shlaepfer, Daniel R.; Lauenroth, William K.; Palmquist, Kyle A.; Chambers, Jeanne C.; Maestas, Jeremy D.; Campbell, Steven B. 2019
Forests, houses, or both? Relationships between land cover, housing characteristics, and resident socioeconomic status across ecoregions Mockrin, Miranda H.; Locke, Dexter H.; Stewart, Susan I; Hammer, Roger B.; Radeloff, Volker C. 2019
The role of reforestation in carbon sequestration Nave, L.E. ; Walters, B.F. ; Hofmeister, K.L. ; Perry, C.H. ; Mishra, U. ; Domke, G.M. ; Swanston, C.W. 2019
Tree species at risk from nitrogen deposition in the northeastern United States: A geospatial analysis of effects of multiple stressors using exceedance of critical loads Pardo, Linda H.; Coombs, Jason A.; Robin-Abbott, Molly J.; Pontius, Jennifer H.; D'Amato, Anthony W. 2019
Mapping peatlands in boreal and tropical ecoregions Bourgeau-Chavez, L.L. ; Endres, S.L. ; Graham, J.A. ; Hribljan, J.A. ; Chimner, R.A. ; Lillieskov, E.A. ; Battaglia, M.J. 2018
How climatic conditions, site, and soil characteristics affect tree growth and critical loads of nitrogen for northeastern tree species Robin-Abbott, Molly J.; Pardo, Linda H. 2017
Stable isotope ratios and reforestation potential in Acacia koa populations on Hawai’i Lawson, Shaneka ; Pike, Carrie 2017
Factors related to building loss due to wildfires in the conterminous United States Alexandre, Patricia M.; Stewart, Susan I.; Keuler, Nicholas S.; Clayton, Murray K.; Mockrin, Miranda H.; Bar-Massada, Avi; Syphard, Alexandra D.; Radeloff, Volker C. 2016
Effects and empirical critical loads of nitrogen for ecoregions of the United States Pardo, Linda H.; Robin-Abbot, Molly J.; Fenn, Mark E.; Goodale, Christine L.; Geiser, Linda H.; Driscoll, Charles T.; Allen, Edith B.; Baron, Jill S.; Bobbink, Roland; Bowman, William D.; Clark, Christopher M.; Emmett, Bridget; Gilliam, Frank S.; Greaver, Tara L.; Hall, Sharon J.; Lilleskov, Erik A.; Liu, Lingli; Lynch, Jason A.; Nadelhoffer, Knute J.; Perakis, Steven J.; Stoddard, John L.; Weathers, Kathleen C.; Dennis, Robin L. 2015
Multi-scale modeling of relationships between forest health and climatic factors Crosby, Michael K.; Fan, Zhaofei; Fan, Xingang; Spetich, Martin A.; Leininger, Theodor D. 2015

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