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Our collection of research publications available in electronic format grows daily.  If a publication you need is not yet available, please follow the link and fill out a request form or email Sharon Hobrla and we will notify you as soon as it has been added to our online collection.

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Understanding the key characteristics and challenges of pine barrens restoration: insights from a Delphi survey of forest land managers and researchers Gobster, Paul H.; Schneider, Ingrid E.; Floress, Kristin M.; Haines, Anna L.; Arnberger, Arne ; Dockry, Michael J.; Benton, Claire 2021
Cultural Ecosystem Services as Part of Scenic Resource Management? Smardon, Richard C. 2018
Ecosystem services in managing residential landscapes: priorities, value dimensions, and cross-regional patterns Larson, K.L.; Nelson, K.C.; Samples, S.R.; Hall, S.J.; Bettez, N.; Cavender-Bares, J.; Groffman, P.M.; Grove, M.; Heffernan, J.B.; Hobbie, S.E.; Learned, J.; Morse, J.L.; Neill, C.; Ogden, L.A.; O'Neil-Dunne, Jarlath; Pataki, D.E.; Polsky, C.; Chowdhury, R. Roy; Steele, M.; Trammell, T.L.E. 2016
Nonnative forest insects and pathogens in the United States: impacts and policy options Lovett, Gary M.; Weiss, Marissa; Liebhold, Andrew M.; Holmes, Tom; Leung, Brian; Lambert, Kathy-Fallon; Orwig, David A.; Campbell, Faith T.; Rosenthal, Jonathan; McCullough, Deborah G.; Wildova, Radka; Ayres, Matthew P.; Canham, Charles D.; Foster, David R.; LaDeau, Shannon L.; Weldy, Troy 2016
Contributions of cultural services to the ecosystem services agenda Daniel, Terry C.; Muhar, Andreas; Arnberger, Arne; Aznar, Olivier; Boyd, James W.; Chan, Kai M.A.; Costanza, Robert; Elmqvist, Thomas; Flint, Courtney G.; Gobster, Paul H.; Gret-Regamey, A.; Lave, R.; Muhar, S.; Penker, M.; Ribe, R.G.; Schauppenlehner, T.; Sikor, T.; Soloviy, I.; Spierenburg, M.; Taczanowska, K.; Tam, J.; von der Dunk, A. 2012
Economic impacts of invasive species in forest past, present, and future Holmes, Thomas P.; Aukema, Juliann E.; Von Holle, Betsy; Liebhold, Andrew; Sills, Erin 2009
The shared landscape: what does aesthetics have to do with ecology? Gobster, Paul H.; Nassauer, Joan I.; Daniel, Terry C.; Fry, Gary 2007
A framework for profiling a lake's riparian area development potential Jakes, Pamela J.; Schlichting, Ciara; Anderson, Dorothy H. 2003
Estimating relative values for multiple objectives on private forests Dennis, Donald F.; Stevens, Thomas H.; Kittredge, David B.; Rickenbach, Mark G. 2001
Forests and landscapes: linking ecology, sustainability and aesthetics Gobster, Paul H. 2001

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