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Our collection of research publications available in electronic format grows daily.  If a publication you need is not yet available, please follow the link and fill out a request form or email Sharon Hobrla and we will notify you as soon as it has been added to our online collection.

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Predator preferences shape the diets of arthropodivorous bats more than quantitative local prey abundance Wray, Amy K.; Peery, M. Zachariah; Jusino, Michelle A.; Kochanski, Jade M.; Banik, Mark T.; Palmer, Jonathan M.; Lindner, Daniel L.; Gratton, Claudio 2020
Metagenomics Reveals Bacterial and Archaeal Adaptation to Urban Land-Use: N Catabolism, Methanogenesis, and Nutrient Acquisition Epp Schmidt, Dietrich J.; Kotze, David Johan; Hornung, Erzsébet ; Setälä, Heikki ; Yesilonis, Ian ; Szlavecz, Katalin ; Dombos, Miklós ; Pouyat, Richard ; Cilliers, Sarel ; Tóth, Zsolt ; Yarwood, Stephanie 2019
Diet and food availability of the Virginia northern flying squirrel (Glaucomys sabrinus fuscus): implications for dispersal in a fragmented forest Trapp, Stephanie E.; Smith, Winston P.; Flaherty, Elizabeth A. 2017
Framing the issues affecting northern forests Shifley, Stephen R.; Aguilar, Francisco X.; Song, Nianfu; Stewart, Susan I.; Nowak, David J.; Gormanson, Dale D.; Moser, W. Keith; Wormstead, Sherri; Greenfield, Eric J. 2012
Summary and Synthesis Shifley, Stephen R.; Aguilar, Francisco X.; Song, Nianfu; Stewart, Susan I.; Nowak, David J.; Gormanson, Dale D.; Moser, W. Keith; Wormstead, Sherri; Greenfield, Eric J. 2012
Terrestrial biosphere models need better representation of vegetation phenology: results from the North American Carbon Program Site Synthesis Richardson, Andrew D.; Anderson, Ryan S.; Arain, M. Altaf; Barr, Alan G.; Bohrer, Gil; Chen, Guangsheng; Chen, Jing M.; Ciais, Philippe; David, Kenneth J.; Desai, Ankur R.; Dietze, Michael C.; Dragoni, Danilo; Garrity, Steven R.; Gough, Christopher M.; Grant, Robert; Hollinger, David; Margolis, Hank A.; McCaughey, Harry; Migliavacca, Mirco; Monson, Russel K.; Munger, J. William; Poulter, Benjamin; Raczka, Brett M.; Ricciuto, Daniel M.; Sahoo, Alok K.; Schaefer, Kevin; Tian, Hanqin; Vargas, Rodrigo; Verbeeck, Hans; Xiao, Jingfeng; Xue, Yongkang 2012
Characterizing the performance of ecosystem models across time scales: A spectral analysis of the North American Carbon Program site-level synthesis Dietze, Michael C.; Vargas, Rodrigo; Richardson, Andrew D.; Stoy, Paul C.; Barr, Alan G.; Anderson, Ryan S.; Arain, M. Altaf; Baker, Ian T.; Black, T. Andrew; Chen, Jing M.; Ciais, Philippe; Flanagan, Lawrence B.; Gough, Christopher M.; Grant, Robert F.; Hollinger, David; Izaurralde, R. Cesar; Kucharik, Christopher J.; Lafleur, Peter; Liu, Shugang; Lokupitiya, Erandathie; Luo, Yiqi; Munger, J. William; Peng, Changhui; Poulter, Benjamin; Price, David T.; Ricciuto, Daniel M.; Riley, William J.; Sahoo, Alok Kumar; Schaefer, Kevin; Suyker, Andrew E.; Tian, Hanqin; Tonitto, Christina; Verbeeck, Hans; Verma, Shashi B.; Wang, Weifeng; Weng, Ensheng 2011
Modeled interactive effects of precipitation, temperature, and [CO2] on ecosystem carbon and water dynamics in different climatic zones Luo, Yiqi; Gerten, Dieter; Le Maire, Guerric; Parton, William J.; Weng, Ensheng; Zhou, Xuhui; Keough, Cindy; Beier, Claus; Ciais, Philippe; Cramer, Wolfgang; Dukes, Jeffrey S.; Emmett, Bridget; Hanson, Paul J.; Knapp, Alan; Linder, Sune; Nepstad, Dan; Rustad, Lindsey 2008
Comparative food niche analysis of Strix Owls in Belarus Tishechkin, Alexey K. 1997
Estimation of food consumption from pellets cast by captive Ural Owls (Strix uralensis) Higuchi, Aki; Abe, Manabu T. 1997

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