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Release of coarse woody detritus-related carbon: a synthesis across forest biomes Harmon, Mark E.; Fasth, Becky G.; Yatskov, Misha ; Kastendick, Douglas ; Rock, Joachim ; Woodall, Christopher W. 2020
Soil carbon [Chapter 2] Berryman, Erin ; Hatten, Jeffrey ; Page-Dumroese, Deborah S.; Heckman, Katherine A.; D’Amore, David V; Puttere, Jennifer ; SanClements, Michael ; Connolly, Stephanie J.; Perry, Charles H. (Hobie); Domke, Grant M. 2020
Trophic basis of production of stream detritivores shifts with reduced forest inputs Eggert, Susan L.; Wallace, J. Bruce; Meyer, Judy L.; Webster, Jackson R. 2020
Estimating uncertainty in the volume and carbon storage of downed coarse woody debris Campbell, John L.; Green, Mark B.; Yanai, Ruth D.; Woodall, Christopher W.; Fraver, Shawn ; Harmon, Mark E.; Hatfield, Mark A.; Barnett, Charles J.; See, Craig R.; Domke, Grant M. 2019
Decadal-Scale Reduction in Forest Net Ecosystem Production Following Insect Defoliation Contrasts with Short-Term Impacts of Prescribed Fires Clark, Kenneth L.; Renninger, Heidi J.; Skowronski, Nicholas; Gallagher, Michael; Schäfer, Karina V.R.  2018
Effects of tree leaf litter, deer fecal pellets, and soil properties on growth of an introduced earthworm (Lumbricus terrestris): Implications for invasion dynamics Yatso, Kassidy N.; Lilleskov, Erik A. 2016
Net carbon flux of dead wood in forests of the Eastern US Woodall, C.W.; Russell, M.B.; Walters, B.F.; D'Amato, A.W.; Fraver, S.; Domke, G.M. 2015
Stream invertebrate productivity linked to forest subsidies: 37 stream-years of reference and experimental data Wallace, J. Bruce; Eggert, Susan L; Meyer, Judy L.; Webster, Jackson R. 2015
Linking climate change and downed woody debris decomposition across forests of the eastern United States Russell, M.B.; Woodall, C.W.; D'Amato, A.W.; Fraver, S.; Bradford, J.B. 2014
Carbon concentration of standing and downed woody detritus: effects of tree taxa, decay class, position, and tissue type Harmon, Mark E.; Fasth, Becky; Woodall, Christopher W.; Sexton, Jay 2013

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