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Neighborhood Blighted Property Removal and 311 Calls for Non-Emergency Services: A Test of a Marker of Social Control Theall, Katherine P.; Morrison, Christopher N.; Jacoby, Sara F.; Tucker, Amber ; Wallace, Maeve E.; Kondo, Michelle C.; Branas, Charles C.; Gustat, Jeanette 2021
Resident-led vacant lot greening and crime: Do ownership and visual condition-care matter? Hadavi, Sara ; Rigolon, Alessandro ; Gobster, Paul H.; Stewart, William P. 2021
The association between blighted property remediation and domestic crime by alcohol availability Kajeepeta, Sandhya ; Theall, Katherine P.; Kondo, Michelle C.; Branas, Charles C.; Wallace, Maeve E.; Jacoby, Sara F.; Morrison, Christopher N. 2020
The condition-care scale: A practical approach to monitoring progress in vacant lot stewardship programs Gobster, Paul H.; Rigolon, Alessandro ; Hadavi, Sara ; Stewart, William P. 2020
Blight Abatement of Vacant Land and Crime in New Orleans Kondo, Michelle C.; Morrison, Christopher ; Jacoby, Sara F.; Elliott, Liana ; Poche, Albert ; Theall, Katherine P.; Branas, Charles C. 2018
Citywide cluster randomized trial to restore blighted vacant land and its effects on violence, crime, and fear Branas, Charles C.; South, Eugenia; Kondo, Michelle C.; Hohl, Bernadette C.; Bourgois, Philippe; Wiebe, Douglas J.; MacDonald, John M. 2018
Neighborhood Interventions to Reduce Violence Kondo, Michelle C.; Andreyeva, Elena; South, Eugenia C.; MacDonald, John M.; Branas, Charles C. 2018
Did community greening reduce crime? Evidence from New Haven, CT, 1996-2007 Locke, Dexter H.; Han, SeungHoon; Kondo, Michelle C.; Murphy-Dunning, Colleen; Cox, Mary 2017
The association between urban trees and crime: Evidence from the spread of the emerald ash borer in Cincinnati Kondo, Michelle C.; Han, SeungHoon; Donovan, Geoffrey H.; MacDonald, John M. 2017
Effects of greening and community reuse of vacant lots on crime Kondo, M.; Hohl, B.; Han, S.; Branas, C. 2016

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