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Nonstationary flood-frequency analysis to assess effects of harvest and cover type conversion on peak flows at the Marcell Experimental Forest, Minnesota, USA McEachran, Zachary P.; Karwan, Diana L.; Sebestyen, Stephen D.; Slesak, Robert A.; Ng, Gene-Hua Crystal. 2021
Contemporary forest carbon dynamics in the northern U.S. associated with land cover changes Ma, Wu ; Domke, Grant M.; Woodall, Christopher W.; D'Amato, Anthony W. 2020
Climate-driven shifts in soil temperature and moisture regimes suggest opportunities to enhance assessments of dryland resilience and resistance Bradford, John B.; Shlaepfer, Daniel R.; Lauenroth, William K.; Palmquist, Kyle A.; Chambers, Jeanne C.; Maestas, Jeremy D.; Campbell, Steven B. 2019
Semi-Automated Sample-Based Forest Degradation Monitoring with Photointerpretation of High-Resolution Imagery Lister, Andrew ; Lister, Tonya ; Weber, Thomas 2019
The Chapman-Richards Distribution and its Relationship to the Generalized Beta Gove, Jeffrey H.; Lynch, Thomas B.; Ducey, Mark J. 2019
Evaluating the influence of spatial resolution of Landsat predictors on the accuracy of biomass models for large-area estimation across the eastern USA Deo, Ram K.; Domke, Grant M.; Russell, Matthew B.; Woodall, Christopher W.; Andersen, Hans-Erik 2018
Mean species cover: a harmonized indicator of shrub cover for forest inventories Alberdi, Iciar ; Condés, Sonia ; Mcroberts, Ronald E.; Winter, Susanne 2018
The effects of imperfect reference data on remote sensing-assisted estimators of land cover class proportions McRoberts, Ronald E.; Stehman, Stephen V; Liknes, Greg C.; Nćsset, Erik ; Sannier, Christophe ; Walters, Brian F. 2018
Implications of allometric model selection for county-level biomass mapping Duncanson, Laura ; Huang, Wenli ; Johnson, Kristofer ; Swatantran, Anu ; McRoberts, Ronald E.; Dubayah, Ralph 2017
The activity of phenoloxidase in haemolymph plasma is not a predictor of Lymantria dispar resistance to its baculovirus Kasianov, Nikita S.; Belousova, Irina A.; Pavlushin, Sergey V.; Dubovskiy, Ivan M.; Podgwaite, John D.; Martemyanov, Vyacheslav V.; Bakhvalov, Stanislav A.; Ling, Erjun 2017

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