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Carbon stocks and changes of dead organic matter in China's forests Zhu, Jianxiao; Hu, Huifeng; Tao, Shengli; Chi, Xiulian; Li, Peng; Jiang, Lai; Ji, Chengjun; Zhu, Jiangling; Tang, Zhiyao; Pan, Yude; Birdsey, Richard A.; He, Xinhua; Fang, Jingyun 2017
Land-use and land-cover change carbon emissions between 1901 and 2012 constrained by biomass observations Li, Wei; Ciais, Philippe; Peng, Shushi; Yue, Chao; Wang, Yilong; Thurner, Martin; Saatchi, Sassan S.; Arneth, Almut; Avitabile, Valerio; Carvalhais, Nuno; Harper, Anna B.; Kato, Etsushi; Koven, Charles; Liu, Yi Y.; Nabel, Julia E. M. S.; Pan, Yude; Pongratz, Julia; Poulter, Benjamin; Pugh, Thomas A. M.; Santoro, Maurizio; Sitch, Stephen; Stocker, Benjamin D.; Viovy, Nicolas; Wiltshire, Andy; Yousefpour, Rasoul; Zaehle, Sönke 2017
Toward inventory-based estimates of soil organic carbon in forests of the United States Domke, G.M.; Perry, C.H.; Walters, B.F.; Nave, L.E.; Woodall, C.W.; Swanston, C.W. 2017
Estimating litter carbon stocks on forest land in the United States Domke, Grant M.; Perry, Charles H. (Hobie); Walters, Brian F.; Woodall, Christopher W.; Russell, Matthew B.; Smith, James E. 2016
Representative regional models of post-disturbance forest carbon accumulation: Integrating inventory data and a growth and yield model Raymond, Crystal L.; Healey, Sean P.; Peduzzi, Alicia; Patterson, Paul L. 2015
The U.S. forest carbon accounting framework: stocks and stock change, 1990-2016 Woodall, Christopher W.; Coulston, John W.; Domke, Grant M.; Walters, Brian F.; Wear, David N.; Smith, James E.; Andersen, Hans-Erik; Clough, Brian J.; Cohen, Warren B.; Griffith, Douglas M.; Hagen, Stephen C.; Hanou, Ian S.; Nichols, Michael C.; Perry, Charles H. (Hobie); Russell, Matthew B.; Westfall, Jim; Wilson, Barry T. (Ty) 2015
Afforestation effects on soil carbon storage in the United States: a synthesis Nave, L.E.; Swanston, C.W.; Mishra, U.; Nadelhoffer, K.J. 2013
The structure, distribution, and biomass of the world's forests Pan, Yude; Birdsey, Richard A.; Phillips, Oliver L.; Jackson, Robert B. 2013
Simulated impacts of insect defoliation on forest carbon dynamics Medvigy, D.; Clark, K.L.; Skowronski, N.S.; Schäfer, K.V.R. 2012
Age structure and disturbance legacy of North American forests Pan, Y.; Chen, J.M.; Birdsey, R.; McCullough, K.; He, L.; Deng, F. 2011

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