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Our collection of research publications available in electronic format grows daily.  If a publication you need is not yet available, please follow the link and fill out a request form or email Sharon Hobrla and we will notify you as soon as it has been added to our online collection.

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Release of coarse woody detritus-related carbon: a synthesis across forest biomes Harmon, Mark E.; Fasth, Becky G.; Yatskov, Misha ; Kastendick, Douglas ; Rock, Joachim ; Woodall, Christopher W. 2020
Iron (Oxyhydr)Oxides Serve as Phosphate Traps in Tundra and Boreal Peat Soils Herndon, Elizabeth M.; Kinsman-Costello, Lauren ; Duroe, Kiersten A.; Mills, Jonathan ; Kane, Evan S.; Sebestyen, Stephen D.; Thompson, Aaron A.; Wullschleger, Stan D. 2019
Improving understanding of soil organic matter dynamics by triangulating theories, measurements, and models Blankinship, Joseph C.; Berhe, Asmeret Asefaw; Crow, Susan E.; Druhan, Jennifer L.; Heckman, Katherine A.; Keiluweit, Marco ; Lawrence, Corey R.; Marín-Spiotta, Erika ; Plante, Alain F.; Rasmussen, Craig ; Schädel, Christina ; Schimel, Joshua P.; Sierra, Carlos A.; Thompson, Aaron ; Wagai, Rota ; Wieder, William R. 2018
A decade of boreal rich fen greenhouse gas fluxes in response to natural and experimental water table variability Olefeldt, David ; Euskirchen, Eugénie S.; Harden, Jennifer ; Kane, Evan ; McGuire, A. David; Waldrop, Mark P.; Turetsky, Merritt R. 2017
Temporal and Spatial Variation in Peatland Carbon Cycling and Implications for Interpreting Responses of an Ecosystem-Scale Warming Experiment Griffiths, Natalie A.; Hanson, Paul J.; Ricciuto, Daniel M.; Iversen, Colleen M.; Jensen, Anna M.; Malhotra, Avni ; McFarlane, Karis J.; Norby, Richard J.; Sargsyan, Khachik ; Sebestyen, Stephen D.; Shi, Xiaoying ; Walker, Anthony P.; Ward, Eric J.; Warren, Jeffrey M.; Weston, David J. 2017
Unearthing the hidden world of roots: Root biomass and architecture differ among species within the same guild Sinacore, Katherine; Hall, Jefferson Scott; Potvin, Catherine; Royo, Alejandro A.; Ducey, Mark J.; Ashton, Mark S.; Joseph, Shijo 2017
Constrained partitioning of autotrophic and heterotrophic respiration reduces model uncertainties of forest ecosystem carbon fluxes but not stocks Carbone, Mariah S.; Richardson, Andrew D.; Chen, Min ; Davidson, Eric A.; Hughes, Holly ; Savage, Kathleen E.; Hollinger, David Y. 2016
Impacts of invasive earthworms on soil mercury cycling: Two mass balance approaches to an earthworm invasion in a northern Minnesota forest Psarska, Sona; Nater, Edward A.; Kolka, Randy 2016
Tropical wetlands, climate, and land-use change: adaptation and mitigation opportunities Kolka, Randy; Murdiyarso, D.; Kauffman, J. B.; Birdsey, Richard 2016
An approach for verifying biogenic greenhouse gas emissions inventories with atmospheric CO2 concentration data Ogle, Stephen M; Davis, Kenneth; Lauvaux, Thomas; Schuh, Andrew; Cooley, Dan; West, Tristram O; Heath, Linda S; Miles, Natasha L; Richardson, Scott; Breidt, F Jay; Smith, James E; McCarty, Jessica L; Gurney, Kevin R; Tans, Pieter; Denning, A Scott 2015

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