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Our collection of research publications available in electronic format grows daily.  If a publication you need is not yet available, please follow the link and fill out a request form or email Sharon Hobrla and we will notify you as soon as it has been added to our online collection.

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The atmospheric system: Air quality and greenhouse gases Nowak, David J. 2019
Emissions of forest floor and mineral soil carbon, nitrogen and mercury pools and relationships with fire severity for the Pagami Creek Fire in the Boreal Forest of northern Minnesota Kolka, Randall K.; Sturtevant, Brian R.; Miesel, Jessica R.; Singh, Aditya; Wolter, Peter T.; Fraver, Shawn; DeSutter, Thomas M.; Townsend, Phil A. 2017
Removal of Ozone by Urban and Peri-Urban Forests: Evidence from Laboratory, Field, and Modeling Approaches Calfapietra, Carlo; Morani, Arianna; Sgrigna, Gregorio; Di Giovanni, Sara; Muzzini, Valerio; Pallozzi, Emanuele; Guidolotti, Gabriele; Nowak, David; Fares, Silvano 2016
Elevated CO2 and O3 effects on ectomycorrhizal fungal root tip communities in consideration of a post-agricultural soil nutrient gradient legacy Andrew, Carrie; Lilleskov, Erik A. 2014
FOCUS: A pilot study for national-scale critical loads development in the United States Blett, Tamara F.; Lynch, Jason A.; Pardo, Linda H.; Huber, Cindy ; Haeuber, Richard ; Pouyat, Richard 2014
A physically based analytical spatial air temperature and humidity model Yang, Yang; Endreny, Theodore A.; Nowak, David J. 2013
Can elevated CO2 and ozone shift the genetic composition of aspen (Populus tremuloides) stands? New Phytologist Moran, Emily V.; Kubiske, Mark E. 2013
Changing climate, changing forests: The impacts of climate change on forests of the northeastern United States and eastern Canada Rustad, Lindsey; Campbell, John; Dukes, Jeffrey S.; Huntington, Thomas; Fallon Lambert, Kathy; Mohan, Jacqueline; Rodenhouse, Nicholas 2012
Using high-frequency sampling to detect effects of atmospheric pollutants on stream chemistry Sebestyen, Stephen D.; Shanley, James B.; Boyer, Elizabeth W. 2009
Critical loads as a policy tool for protecting ecosystems from the effects of air pollutants Burns, Douglas A.; Blett, Tamara; Haeuber, Richard; Pardo, Linda H. 2008

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