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Eighth-year survival and growth of planted replacement tree species in black ash (Fraxinus nigra) wetlands threatened by emerald ash borer in Minnesota, USA Palik, Brian J.; D'Amato, Anthony W.; Slesak, Robert A.; Kastendick, Doug ; Looney, Chris ; Kragthorpe, Josh 2021
Regional Summaries: Northeast Region Juzwik, Jennifer ; Haugen, Linda ; Schneeberger, Noel F.; Rawinski, Thomas J.; Rothlisberger, John D.; Poland, Therese M. 2021
Foundation Species Loss Affects Leaf Breakdown and Aquatic Invertebrate Resource Use in Black Ash Wetlands Youngquist, Melissa B.; Wiley, Chandra ; Eggert, Sue L.; D'Amato, Anthony W.; Palik, Brian J.; Slesak, Robert A. 2020
Data mining for discovery of endophytic and epiphytic fungal diversity in short-read genomic data from deciduous trees ¿LaBonte, Nicholas R.; Jacobs, James ; Ebrahimi, Aziz ; Lawson, Shaneka ; Woeste, Keith 2018
First Report of ‘Candidatus Phytoplasma trifolii’-Related Strain of 16SrVI-A Phytoplasma Subgroup, Associated with Elm Yellows Disease in American Elm ( Ulmus americana L.) in Ohio, U.S.A Flower, C.E.; Hayes-Plazolles, N.; Slavicek, J.M.; Rosa, C. 2018
Methods to Improve Survival and Growth of Planted Alternative Species Seedlings in Black Ash Ecosystems Threatened by Emerald Ash Borer Bolton, Nicholas; Shannon, Joseph; Davis, Joshua; Grinsven, Matthew; Noh, Nam; Schooler, Shon; Kolka, Randall; Pypker, Thomas; Wagenbrenner, Joseph 2018
American elm (Ulmus americana) in restoration plantings: a review Knight, Kathleen S.; Haugen, Linda M.; Pinchot, Cornelia C.; Schaberg, Paul G.; Slavicek, James M. 2017
Canopy decline assessment in American elm after inoculation with different doses of Ophiostoma ulmi and O. novo-ulmi Flower, Charles E.; Slavicek, James M.; Lesser, Dale; Eshita, Steven; Pinchot, Cornelia C. 2017
Challenge inoculations to test for Dutch elm disease tolerance: a summary of methods used by various researchers Haugen, Linda M.; Beier, Garrett L.; Bentz, Susan E.; Guries, Raymond P.; Slavicek, James M. 2017
Development of new Dutch Elm disease-tolerant selections for restoration of the American Elm in urban and forested landscapes Pinchot, C.C.; Flower, C.E.; Knight, K.S.; Marks, C.; Minocha, R.; Lesser, D.; Woeste, K.; Schaberg, P.G.; Baldwin, B.; Delatte, D.M.; Fox, T.D.; Hayes-Plazolles, N.; Held, B.; Lehtoma, K.; Long, S.; Mattix, S.; Sipes, A.; Slavicek, J.M. 2017

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