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Our collection of research publications available in electronic format grows daily.  If a publication you need is not yet available, please follow the link and fill out a request form or email Sharon Hobrla and we will notify you as soon as it has been added to our online collection.

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Decadal changes in fire frequencies shift tree communities and functional traits Pellegrini, Adam F. A.; Refsland, Tyler ; Averill, Colin ; Terrer, César ; Staver, A. Carla; Brockway, Dale G.; Caprio, Anthony ; Clatterbuck, Wayne ; Coetsee, Corli ; Haywood, James D.; Hobbie, Sarah E.; Hoffmann, William A.; Kush, John ; Lewis, Tom ; Moser, W. Keith; Overby, Steven T.; Patterson, William A.; Peay, Kabir G.; Reich, Peter B.; Ryan, Casey ; Sayer, Mary Anne S.; Scharenbroch, Bryant C.; Schoennagel, Tania ; Smith, Gabriel Reuben; Stephan, Kirsten ; Swanston, Chris ; Turner, Monica G.; Varner, J. Morgan; Jackson, Robert B. 2021
Hydrometeorological sensitivities of net ecosystem carbon dioxide and methane exchange of an Amazonian palm swamp peatland Griffis, T.J. ; Roman, D.T. ; Wood, J.D. ; Deventer, J. ; Fachin, L. ; Rengifo, J. ; Del Castillo, D. ; Lilleskov, E. ; Kolka, R. ; Chimner, R.A. ; del Aguila-Pasquel, J. ; Wayson, C. ; Hergoualc'h, K. ; Baker, J.M. ; Cadillo-Quiroz, H. ; Ricciuto, D.M. 2020
Is Indonesian peatland loss a cautionary tale for Peru? A two-country comparison of the magnitude and causes of tropical peatland degradation Lilleskov, Erik ; McCullough, Kevin ; Hergoualc’h, Kristell ; del Castillo Torres, Dennis ; Chimner, Rodney ; Murdiyarso, Daniel ; Kolka, Randy ; Bourgeau-Chavez, Laura ; Hribljan, John ; del Aguila Pasquel, Jhon ; Wayson, Craig 2019
Soil biology research across latitude, elevation and disturbance gradients: A review of forest studies from Puerto Rico during the past 25 years González, Grizelle; Lodge, D. 2017
Effects of hurricane-felled tree trunks on soil carbon, nitrogen, microbial biomass, and root length in a wet tropical forest Lodge, D. Jean; Winter, Dirk; Gonzalez, Grizelle; Clum, Naomi 2016
Impacts of land use, restoration, and climate change on tropical peat carbon stocks in the twenty-first century: implications for climate mitigation Warren, Matthew W.; Frolking, Steve; Dai, Zhaohua; Kurnianto, Sofyan 2016
Assessing the effect of climate change on carbon sequestration in a Mexican dry forest in the Yucatan Peninsula Dai, Z.; Johnson, K.D.; Birdsey, R.A.; Hernandez-Stefanoni, J.L.; Dupuy, J.M. 2015
Modeling carbon stocks in a secondary tropical dry forest in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico Dai, Zhaohua; Birdsey, Richard A.; Johnson, Kristofer D.; Dupuy, Juan Manuel; Hernandez-Stefanoni, Jose Luis; Richardson, Karen 2014
Competition among surface roots in a selectively-logged, semi-deciduous forest in southeastern Mexico - effects on seedlings of two species of contrasting shade tolerance Dickinson, Matthew; Wigham, D.F. 2013
Forest biodiversity, carbon and other ecosystem services: relationships and impacts of deforestation and forest degradation Thompson, Ian D.; Ferreira, Joice; Gardner, Toby; Guariguata, Manuel; Koh, Lian Pin; Okabe, Kimiko; Pan, Yude; Schmitt, Christine B.; Tylianakis, Jason; Barlow, Jos; Kapos, Valerie; Kurz, Werner A.; Parrotta, John A.; Spalding, Mark D.; van Vliet, Nathalie 2012

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