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Assessing Niche Shifts and Conservatism by Comparing the Native and Post-Invasion Niches of Major Forest Invasive Species Srivastava, Vivek ; Liang, Wanwan ; Keena, Melody A.; Roe, Amanda D.; Hamelin, Richard C.; Griess, Verena C. 2020
Efficacy of Kamona strain Deladenus siricidicola nematodes for biological control of Sirex noctilio in North America and hybridisation with invasive conspecifics Bittner, Tonya D.; Havill, Nathan ; Caetano, Isis A.L.; Hajek, Ann E. 2019
Can entomophagous nematodes slow the spread of invasive pest populations? The case study of Beddingia siricidicola released for the management of Sirex noctilio Corley, Juan C.; Villacide, Josť M.; Liebhold, Andrew M. 2014
Sirex research and management in South America Iede, Edson Tadeu; Penteado, Susete Rocio C.; Filho, Wilson Reis 2011
Adapting nematode-based biological control systems to North American populations of Sirex noctilio Williams, David W.; Mastro, Victor C. 2011
An update on the status and management of the Sirex woodwasp in South Africa Hurley, Brett P.; Slippers, Bernard; Wingfield, Michael J. 2011
Behavior and ecology of exotic and native siricids and their hymenopteran parasitoids in southern pine stands Gandhi, Kamal J.K.; Asaro, Christopher; Barnes, Brittany F.; Dinkins, Jamie; Johnson, Wood; Mastro, Victor C.; Meeker, Jim R.; Miller, Daniel R.; Riggins, John R.; Zylstra, Kelley E. 2011
Distribution and biology of native siricidae and associated hymenopteran parasitoid species in the southeastern United States Barnes, Brittany F.; Miller, Daniel R.; Asaro, Chris; Meeker, James R.; Johnson, Wood; Gandhi, Kamal J.K. 2011
Going with your gut: insights into nutrition and digestion in Sirex noctilio woodwasps at emergence Bordeaux, John Michael; Dean, Jeffrey F.D. 2011
Is Ips grandicollis disrupting the biological control of Sirex noctilio in Australia? Carnegie, Angus J.; Loch, Andrew D. 2011

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