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Our collection of research publications available in electronic format grows daily.  If a publication you need is not yet available, please follow the link and fill out a request form or email Sharon Hobrla and we will notify you as soon as it has been added to our online collection.

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Ecological and conceptual consequences of Arctic pollution Kirdyanov, Alexander V; Krusic, Paul J.; Shishov, Vladimir V; Vaganov, Eugene A.; Fertikov, Alexey I; Myglan, Vladimir S.; Barinov, Valentin V; Browse, Jo ; Esper, Jan ; Ilyin, Viktor A.; Knorre, Anastasia A.; Korets, Mikhail A.; Kukarskikh, Vladimir V; Mashukov, Dmitry A.; Onuchin, Alexander A.; Piermattei, Alma ; Pimenov, Alexander V; Prokushkin, Anatoly S.; Ryzhkova, Vera A.; Shishikin, Alexander S.; Smith, Kevin T.; Taynik, Anna V; Wild, Martin ; Zorita, Eduardo ; Büntgen, Ulf 2020
Elm genetic diversity and hybridization in the presence of Dutch elm disease Brunet, Johanne; Guries, Raymond P. 2017
DNA barcoding of gypsy moths from China (Lepidoptera: Erebidae) reveals new haplotypes and divergence patterns within gypsy moth subspecies Chen, Fang; Luo, Youqing; Keena, Melody A.; Wu, Ying; Wu, Peng; Shi, Juan 2015
Potency of nucleopolyhedrovirus genotypes for European and Asian gypsy moth (Lepidoptera: Lymantriidae) Podgwaite, J.D.; Martemyanov, V.V.; Slavicek, J.M.; Bakhavalov, S.A.; Pavlushin, S.V.; Hayes-Plazolles, N.; Zerillo, R.T. 2013
New records of truffle taxa in Tuber and Terfezia from Turkey Castellano, Michael Angelo; Turkoglu, Aziz 2012
Terrestrial ecosystems and their change Shvidenko, Anatoly Z.; Gustafson, Eric; McGuire, A. David; Kharuk, Vjacheslav I.; Schepaschenko, Dmitry G.; Shugart, Herman H.; Tchebakova, Nadezhda M.; Vygodskaya, Natalia N.; Onuchin, Alexander A.; Hayes, Daniel J.; McCallum, Ian; Maksyutov, Shamil; Mukhortova, Ludmila V.; Soja, Amber J.; Belelli-Marchesini, Luca; Kurbatova, Julia A.; Oltchev, Alexander V.; Parfenova, Elena I.; Shuman, Jacquelyn K. 2012
Bark beetle Polygraphus proximus: a new aggressive far eastern invader on Abies species in Siberia and European Russia Baranchikov, Yuri; Akulov, Evgeniy; Astapenko, Sergey 2011
Effectiveness of forest management strategies to mitigate effects of global change in Siberia Gustafson, Eric; Shvidenko, Anatoly; Scheller, Robert; Sturtevant, Brian 2011
Effectiveness of forest management strategies to mitigate effects of global change in south-central Siberia Gustafson, Eric J.; Shvidenko, Anatoly Z.; Scheller, Robert M. 2011
Climate constraints for siberian moth distribution in Europe Baranchikov, Yuri; Tschebakova, Nadezda; Parfenova, Elena; Kirichenko, Natalia 2010

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