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Overexpression of AtSTO1 leads to improved salt tolerance in Populus tremula × P. alba Lawson, Shaneka S.; Michler, Charles H. 2014
The cloning and characterization of a poplar stomatal density gene Lawson, Shaneka S.; Pijut, Paula M.; Michler, Charles H. 2014
The value of information in conservation planning: Selecting retention trees for lichen conservation Perhans, Karin; Haight, Robert G.; Gustafsson, Lena 2014
Hybrid Aspen Response to Shearing in Minnesota: Implications for Biomass Production Domke, Grant M.; David, Andrew J.; D'Amato, Anthony W.; Ek, Alan R.; Wycoff, Gary W. 2011
Salicylate and catechol levels are maintained in nahG transgenic poplar Morse, Alison M.; Tschaplinski, Timothy J.; Dervinis, Christopher; Pijut, Paula M.; Schmelz, Eric A.; Day, Wendy; Davis, John M. 2007
Commercial thinning in small-diameter aspen stands in northern Minnesota: study establishment report Gilmore, Daniel W.; Glenn, Jennifer D.; Ostry, Michael E.; Zasada, John C.; Benedict, Michael A. 2006
North American populations of Entoleuca mammata are genetically more variable than populations in Europe Kasanen, Risto; Hantula, Jarkko; Ostry, Michael; Pinon, Jean; Kurkela, Timo 2004
Self-thinning and stockability of the circumboreal aspens (Populus tremuloides Michx., and P. tremula L.). Perala, D. A.; Leary, R.A.; Cieszewski, C.J. 1999
Effects of elevated CO2 and ozone on phenolic glycosides of trembling aspen Nitao, James K.; Nair, Muraleedharan G.; Mattson, William J.; Herms, Daniel A.; Birr, Bruce A.; Coleman, Mark D.; Trier, Terry M.; Isebrands, J. G. 1996
Stockability, growth, and yield of the circumboreal aspens (Populus tremuloides Michx., P. tremula L). Perala, D. A.; Leary, R.A.; Cieszewski, C.J. 1995

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