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Watershed-scale vegetation, water quantity, and water quality responses to wildfire in the southern Appalachian mountain region, United States Caldwell, Peter V; Elliott, Katherine J.; Liu, Ning ; Vose, James M.; Zietlow, David R.; Knoepp, Jennifer D. 2020
Metagenomics Reveals Bacterial and Archaeal Adaptation to Urban Land-Use: N Catabolism, Methanogenesis, and Nutrient Acquisition Epp Schmidt, Dietrich J.; Kotze, David Johan; Hornung, Erzsébet ; Setälä, Heikki ; Yesilonis, Ian ; Szlavecz, Katalin ; Dombos, Miklós ; Pouyat, Richard ; Cilliers, Sarel ; Tóth, Zsolt ; Yarwood, Stephanie 2019
Of Small Streams and Great Lakes: Integrating Tributaries to Understand the Ecology and Biogeochemistry of Lake Superior Marcarelli, Amy M.; Coble, Ashley A.; Meingast, Karl M.; Kane, Evan S.; Brooks, Colin N.; Buffam, Ishi ; Green, Sarah A.; Huckins, Casey ; Toczydlowski, David ; Stottlemyer, Robert 2019
Simulating nutrient release from parental carcasses increases the growth, biomass and genetic diversity of juvenile Atlantic salmon McLennan, Darryl ; Auer, Sonya K.; Anderson, Graeme J.; Reid, Thomas C.; Bassar, Ronald D.; Stewart, David C.; Cauwelier, Eef ; Sampayo, James ; McKelvey, Simon ; Nislow, Keith H.; Armstrong, John D.; Metcalfe, Neil B. 2019
Experimental branch cooling increases foliar sugar and anthocyanin concentrations in sugar maple at the end of the growing season Schaberg, Paul G.; Murakami, Paula F.; Butnor, John R.; Hawley, Gary J. 2017
Experimental evidence of two mechanisms coupling leaf-level C assimilation to rhizosphere CO2 release Kayler, Zachary; Keitel, Claudia; Jansen, Kirstin; Gessler, Arthur 2017
Common wood decay fungi found in the Caribbean Basin Lodge, D. Jean 2016
Physiological strategies of co-occurring oaks in a water- and nutrient-limited ecosystem Renninger, Heidi; Carlo, Nicholas; Clark, Kenneth L.; Schafer, Karina V.R. 2014
A Lidar-derived evaluation of watershed-scale large woody debris sources and recruitment mechanisms: costal Maine, USA ¿Kasprak, A.; Magilligan, F. J.; Nislow, K. H.; Snyder, N. P. 2012
Breeding strategies for the development of emerald ash borer - resistant North American ash Koch, Jennifer L.; Carey, David W.; Knight, Kathleen S.; Poland, Therese; Herms, Daniel A.; Mason, Mary E. 2012

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