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Investigation of the role of bulk properties and in-bed structure in the flow regime of buoyancy-dominated flame spread in porous fuel beds Campbell-Lochrie, Zakary ; Walker-Ravena, Carlos ; Gallagher, Michael ; Skowronski, Nicholas ; Mueller, Eric V; Hadden, Rory M. 2020
Role of leaf litter in above-ground wood decay Kirker, Grant T.; Bishell, Amy ; Cappellazzi, Jed ; Palmer, Jonathan ; Bechle, Nathan ; Lebow, Patricia ; Lebow, Stan 2020
Temperature responses of carbon dioxide fluxes from coarse dead wood in a black ash wetland Noh, Nam Jin; Shannon, Joseph P.; Bolton, Nicholas W.; Davis, Joshua C.; Van Grinsven, Matthew J.; Pypker, Thomas G.; Kolka, Randall K.; Wagenbrenner, Joseph W. 2019
Adaptation pathways: ecoregion and land ownership influences on climate adaptation decision-making in forest management Ontl, Todd A.; Swanston, Chris; Brandt, Leslie A.; Butler, Patricia R.; D’Amato, Anthony W.; Handler, Stephen D.; Janowiak, Maria K.; Shannon, P. Danielle 2018
Beyond clay: towards an improved set of variables for predicting soil organic matter content Rasmussen, Craig ; Heckman, Katherine ; Wieder, William R.; Keiluweit, Marco ; Lawrence, Corey R.; Berhe, Asmeret Asefaw; Blankinship, Joseph C.; Crow, Susan E.; Druhan, Jennifer L.; Hicks Pries, Caitlin E.; Marin-Spiotta, Erika ; Plante, Alain F.; Schädel, Christina ; Schimel, Joshua P.; Sierra, Carlos A.; Thompson, Aaron ; Wagai, Rota 2018
Effects of dietary selenium and moisture on the physical activity and thyroid axis of cats Hooper, S. E.; Backus, R.; Amelon, S. 2018
Continuous Wavelet Analysis for Spectroscopic Determination of Subsurface Moisture and Water-Table Height in Northern Peatland Ecosystems Banskota, Asim ; Falkowski, Michael J.; Smith, Alistair M. S.; Kane, Evan S.; Meingast, Karl M.; Bourgeau-Chavez, Laura L.; Miller, Mary Ellen; French, Nancy H. 2017
Differential sensitivity to climate change of C and N cycling processes across soil horizons in a northern hardwood forest Durán, Jorge; Morse, Jennifer L.; Rodríguez, Alexandra; Campbell, John L.; Christenson, Lynn M.; Driscoll, Charles T.; Fahey, Timothy J.; Fisk, Melany C.; Mitchell, Myron J.; Templer, Pamela H.; Groffman, Peter M. 2017
Effect of fire severity on physical and biochemical soil properties in Zagros oak (Quercus brantii Lindl.) forests in Iran ¿Heydari, M. ; Rostamy, A. ; Najafi, F. ; Dey, D. C. 2017
Forest floor and mineral soil respiration rates in a northern Minnesota red pine chronosequence Powers, Matthew; Kolka, Randall; Bradford, John; Palik, Brian; Jurgensen, Martin 2017

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