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Evaluating ecosystem service trade-offs along a land-use intensification gradient in central Veracruz, Mexico Carter Berry, Z. ; Jones, Kelly W.; Gomez Aguilar, Leon Rodrigo; Congalton, Russell G.; Holwerda, Friso ; Kolka, Randall ; Looker, Nathaniel ; Lopez Ramirez, Sergio Miguel; Manson, Robert ; Mayer, Alex ; Muñoz-Villers, Lyssette ; Ortiz Colin, Perla ; Romero-Uribe, Humberto ; Saenz, Leonardo ; Von Thaden, Juan Jose; Vizcaíno Bravo, Mariana Quetzalli; Williams-Linera, Guadalupe ; Asbjornsen, Heidi 2020
Regionally adapted models for the Rapid Assessment of Vegetation Condition After Wildfire program in the Interior Northwest and Southwest United States Baker, Craig ; Harvey, Brian ; Saberi, Saba ; Reiner, Alicia ; Wahlberg, Max 2020
Soil Organic Carbon Across Mexico and the Conterminous United States (1991–2010) Guevara, Mario ; Arroyo, Carlos ; Brunsell, Nathaniel ; Cruz, Carlos O.; Domke, Grant ; Equihua, Julian ; Etchevers, Jorge ; Hayes, Daniel ; Hengl, Tomislav ; Ibelles, Alejandro ; Johnson, Kris ; Jong, Ben ; Libohova, Zamir ; Llamas, Ricardo ; Nave, Lucas ; Ornelas, Jose L.; Paz, Fernando ; Ressl, Rainer ; Schwartz, Anita ; Victoria, Arturo ; Wills, Skye ; Vargas, Rodrigo 2020
Climate-driven shifts in soil temperature and moisture regimes suggest opportunities to enhance assessments of dryland resilience and resistance Bradford, John B.; Shlaepfer, Daniel R.; Lauenroth, William K.; Palmquist, Kyle A.; Chambers, Jeanne C.; Maestas, Jeremy D.; Campbell, Steven B. 2019
Drivers of variation in migration behavior for a linked population of long-distance migratory passerine Bennett, Ruth ; Rodewald, Amanda ; Rosenberg, Kenneth ; Chandler, Richard ; Chavarria-Duriaux, Liliana ; Gerwin, John ; King, David ; Larkin, Jeffery L. 2019
Effects of prescribed fire, site factors, and seed sources on the spread of invasive Triadica sebifera in a fire-managed coastal landscape in southeastern Mississippi, USA Yang, Shaoyang ; Fan, Zhaofei ; Liu, Xia ; Ezell, Andrew ; Spetich, Martin ; Saucier, Scott ; Gray, Sami ; Hereford, Scott 2019
Lessons learned about collaborating across coupled human-natural systems research on Mexico's Payments for Hydrological Services Program Pischke, Erin C.; Berry, Z. Carter; Kolka, Randall K.; Salcone, Jacob ; Córdoba, Diana ; Shinbrot, Xoco ; López Ramirez, Sergio Miguel; Jones, Kelly W.; Congalton, Russell G.; Manson, Robert H.; Von Thaden Ugalde, Juan José; Selfa, Theresa ; Avila Foucat, V. Sophie; Asbjornsen, Heidi 2019
New Molecular Tools for Dendroctonus frontalis (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae) Reveal an East–West Genetic Subdivision of Early Pleistocene Origin Havill, Nathan ; Cognato, Anthony ; del-Val, Ek ; Rabaglia, Robert ; Garrick, Ryan C. 2019
Tuber aztecorum sp. nov., a truffle species from Mexico belonging to the Maculatum clade (Tuberaceae, Pezizales) Guevara-Guerrero, Gonzalo; Bonito, Gregory; Smith, Matthew E.; Healy, Roseanne; Grupe, Arthur; Cazares, Efren; Castellano, Michael A.; Trappe, James M. 2018
Determinants of Above-Ground Biomass and Its Spatial Variability in a Temperate Forest Managed for Timber Production Soriano-Luna, María ; Ángeles-Pérez, Gregorio ; Guevara, Mario ; Birdsey, Richard ; Pan, Yude ; Vaquera-Huerta, Humberto ; Valdez-Lazalde, José ; Johnson, Kristofer ; Vargas, Rodrigo 2018

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