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Further Development of a Specific Conductivity Approach to Measure Groundwater Discharge Area within Lakes Bischof, Stefan M.; Herwig, Brian R.; Sebestyen, Stephen D.; Hanson, Mark A.; Zimmer, Kyle D.; Cotner, James B.; Kroeger, Timothy J. 2019
Chapter 10 - Wildfire and fire severity effects on post-fire carbon and nitrogen cycling in forest soil (Project NC-EM-F-14-1) Miesel, Jessica R.; Kolka, Randy ; Townsend, Phil 2018
Importance of scale, land cover, and weather on the abundance of bird species in a managed forest Grinde, Alexis R.; Niemi, Gerald J.; Sturtevant, Brian R.; Panci, Hannah; Thogmartin, Wayne; Wolter, Peter 2017
Applicability of predictive models of drought-induced tree mortality between the midwest and northeast United States Gustafson, Eric J. 2014
Forest ecosystem vulnerability assessment and synthesis for northern Wisconsin and western Upper Michigan: a report from the Northwoods Climate Change Response Framework project Janowiak, Maria K.; Iverson, Louis R.; Mladenoff, David J.; Peters, Emily; Wythers, Kirk R.; Xi, Weimin; Brandt, Leslie A.; Butler, Patricia R.; Handler, Stephen D.; Shannon, P. Danielle; Swanston, Chris; Parker, Linda R.; Amman, Amy J.; Bogaczyk, Brian; Handler, Christine; Lesch, Ellen; Reich, Peter B.; Matthews, Stephen; Peters, Matthew; Prasad, Anantha; Khanal, Sami; Liu, Feng; Bal, Tara; Bronson, Dustin; Burton, Andrew; Ferris, Jim; Fosgitt, Jon; Hagan, Shawn; Johnston, Erin; Kane, Evan; Matula, Colleen; O'Connor, Ryan; Higgins, Dale; St. Pierre, Matt; Daley, Jad; Davenport, Mae; Emery, Marla R.; Fehringer, David; Hoving, Christopher L.; Johnson, Gary; Neitzel, David; Notaro, Michael; Rissman, Adena; Rittenhouse, Chadwick; Ziel, Robert 2014
Minnesota forest ecosystem vulnerability assessment and synthesis: a report from the Northwoods Climate Change Response Framework project Handler, Stephen; Duveneck, Matthew J.; Iverson, Louis; Peters, Emily; Scheller, Robert M.; Wythers, Kirk R.; Brandt, Leslie; Butler, Patricia; Janowiak, Maria; Shannon, P. Danielle; Swanston, Chris; Barrett, Kelly; Kolka, Randy; McQuiston, Casey; Palik, Brian; Reich, Peter B.; Turner, Clarence; White, Mark; Adams, Cheryl; D'Amato, Anthony; Hagell, Suzanne; Johnson, Patricia; Johnson, Rosemary; Larson, Mike; Matthews, Stephen; Montgomery, Rebecca; Olson, Steve; Peters, Matthew; Prasad, Anantha; Rajala, Jack; Daley, Jad; Davenport, Mae; Emery, Marla R.; Fehringer, David; Hoving, Christopher L.; Johnson, Gary; Johnson, Lucinda; Neitzel, David; Rissman, Adena; Rittenhouse, Chadwick; Ziel, Robert 2014
Winning and Losing Tree Species of Reassembly in Minnesota’s Mixed and Broadleaf Forests Hanberry, Brice B.; Palik, Brian J.; He, Hong S. 2013
Comparing modern and presettlement forest dynamics of a subboreal wilderness: Does spruce budworm enhance fire risk? Sturtevant, Brian R; Miranda, Brian R; Shinneman, Douglas J; Gustafson, Eric J; Wolter, Peter T. 2012
Forest Resources of Isle Royale National Park 2010 Previant, Wilfred J.; Nagel, Linda M.; Pugh, Scott A.; Woodall, Christopher W. 2012
Sample sizes and model comparison metrics for species distribution models Hanberry, B.B.; He, H.S.; Dey, D.C. 2012

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