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Our collection of research publications available in electronic format grows daily.  If a publication you need is not yet available, please follow the link and fill out a request form or email Sharon Hobrla and we will notify you as soon as it has been added to our online collection.

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Distinct impacts of financial scarcity and natural resource scarcity on sustainable choices and motivations Sachdeva, Sonya ; Zhao, Jiaying 2020
Experimental approach and initial forest response to a simulated ice storm experiment in a northern hardwood forest Rustad, Lindsey E.; Campbell, John L.; Driscoll, Charles T.; Fahey, Timothy J.; Groffman, Peter M.; Schaberg, Paul G.; Hawley, Gary J.; Halm, Ian ; Bowles, Frank ; Leuenberger, Wendy ; Schwaner, Geoffrey ; Winant, Gabriel ; Leonardi, Brendan 2020
Metabolite Composition of Paper Birch Buds after Eleven Growing Seasons of Exposure to Elevated CO2 and O3 Riikonen, Johanna ; Kivimäenpää, Minna ; Ossipov, Vladimir ; Saunier, Amelie ; Marquardt, Paula 2020
Climate change and tree harvest interact to affect future tree species distribution changes Wang, Wen J.; Thompson, Frank R.; He, Hong S.; Fraser, Jacob S.; Dijak, William D.; Jones-Farrand, Todd 2019
Rainfall and habitat interact to affect the condition of a wintering migratory songbird in The Bahamas Akresh, Michael E.; King, David I; Marra, Peter P. 2019
Reduction-Oxidation Potential and Dissolved Organic Matter Composition in Northern Peat Soil: Interactive Controls of Water Table Position and Plant Functional Groups Kane, E. S.; Veverica, T. J.; Tfaily, M. M.; Lilleskov, E. A.; Meingast, K. M.; Kolka, R. K.; Daniels, A. L.; Chimner, R. A. 2019
Worlds-in-Wedges: combining worlds-in-miniature and portals to support comparative immersive visualization of forestry data Nam, Jung Who; McCullough, Krista ; Tveite, Joshua ; Espinosa, Maria Molina; Perry, Charles H.; Wilson, Barry T.; Keefe, Daniel F. 2019
Bioturbation by mammals and fire interact to alter ecosystem-level nutrient dynamics in longleaf pine forests Clark, Kenneth L.; Branch, Lyn C.; Farrington, Jennifer 2018
Human and biophysical legacies shape contemporary urban forests: A literature synthesis Roman, Lara A.; Pearsall, Hamil; Eisenman, Theodore S.; Conway, Tenley M.; Fahey, Robert T.; Landry, Shawn; Vogt, Jess; van Doorn, Natalie S.; Grove, J. Morgan; Locke, Dexter H.; Bardekjian, Adrina C.; Battles, John J.; Cadenasso, Mary L.; van den Bosch, Cecil C. Konijnendijk; Avolio, Meghan; Berland, Adam; Jenerette, G. Darrel; Mincey, Sarah K.; Pataki, Diane E.; Staudhammer, Christina 2018
Three Visualization Approaches for Communicating and Exploring Passive Integrated Transponder Tag Data Letcher, Benjamin H.; Walker, Jeffrey D.; O'Donnell, Matthew J.; Whiteley, Andrew R.; Nislow, Keith H.; Coombs, Jason A. 2018

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