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Is Indonesian peatland loss a cautionary tale for Peru? A two-country comparison of the magnitude and causes of tropical peatland degradation Lilleskov, Erik ; McCullough, Kevin ; Hergoualc’h, Kristell ; del Castillo Torres, Dennis ; Chimner, Rodney ; Murdiyarso, Daniel ; Kolka, Randy ; Bourgeau-Chavez, Laura ; Hribljan, John ; del Aguila Pasquel, Jhon ; Wayson, Craig 2019
Linking soil respiration and water table depth in tropical peatlands with remotely sensed changes in water storage from the gravity recovery and climate experiment Swails, Erin ; Yang, X. ; Asefi, S. ; Hergoualc’h, K. ; Verchot, L. ; McRoberts, R. E.; Lawrence, D. 2019
Tropical peatlands under siege: the need for evidence-based policies and strategies Murdiyarso, Daniel ; Lilleskov, Erik ; Kolka, Randy 2019
An appraisal of Indonesia's immense peat carbon stock using national peatland maps: uncertainties and potential losses from conversion Warren, Matthew; Hergoualc'h, Kristell; Kauffman, J. Boone; Murdiyarso, Daniel; Kolka, Randall 2017
Genetic diversity of the myrtle rust pathogen (Austropuccinia psidii) in the Americas and Hawaii: Global implications for invasive threat assessments Stewart, J. E.; Ross-Davis, A.L.; Gra¿a, R. N.; Alfenas, A. C.; Peever, T. L.; Hanna, J. W.; Uchida, J. Y.; Hauff, R. D.; Kadooka, C. Y.; Kim, M.-S.; Cannon, P. G.; Namba, S.; Simeto, S.; Pérez, C. A.; Rayamajhi, M. B.; Lodge, D.J.; Arguedas, M.; Medel-Ortiz, R.; López-Ramirez, M. A.; Tennant, P.; Glen, M.; Machado, P. S.; McTaggart, A. R.; Carnegie, A. J.; Klopfenstein, N. B.; Cleary, M. 2017
A world on fire Olson, Robert L.; Bengston, David N. 2015
Imaging tropical peatlands in Indonesia using ground-penetrating radar (GPR) and electrical resistivity imaging (ERI): implications for carbon stock estimates and peat soil characterization Comas, X.; Terry, N.; Warren, M.; Kolka, R.; Kristiyono, A.; Sudiana, N.; Nurjaman, D.; Darusman, T. 2015
Changes in the international trade balance of U.S. hardwood products from 1990 to 2013 Luppold, William G.; Bumgardner, Matthew S. 2014
A cost-efficient method to assess carbon stocks in tropical peat soil Warren, M.W. ; Kauffman, J.B. ; Murdiyarso, D. ; Anshari, G. ; Hergoualc'h, K. ; Kurnianto, S. ; Purbopuspito, J. ; Gusmayanti, E. ; Afifudin, M. ; Rahajoe, J. ; Alhamd, L. ; Limin, S. ; Iswandi, A. 2012
Carbon storage in mangrove and peatland ecosystems: A preliminary account from plots in Indonesia Murdiyarso, Daniel; Donato, Daniel; Kauffman, J. Boone; Kurnianto, Sofyan; Stidham, Melanie; Kanninen, Markku 2009

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