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Our collection of research publications available in electronic format grows daily.  If a publication you need is not yet available, please follow the link and fill out a request form or email Sharon Hobrla and we will notify you as soon as it has been added to our online collection.

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Spatial genetic analysis of coyotes in New York State Berkman, Leah K.; Frair, Jacqueline L.; Marquardt, Paula E.; Donner, Deahn M.; Kilgo, John C.; Whipps, Christopher M. 2019
Widespread hybridization among native and invasive species of Operophtera moths (Lepidoptera: Geometridae) in Europe and North America Andersen, Jeremy C.; Havill, Nathan P.; Broadley, Hannah J.; Boettner, George H.; Caccone, Adalgisa ; Elkinton, Joseph S. 2019
Genetic diversity of Persian walnut (Juglans regia) in the cold-temperate zone of the United States and Europe Ebrahimi, Aziz; Zarei, AbdolKarim; McKenna, James R.; Bujdoso, Geza; Woeste, Keith E. 2017
Postglacial recolonization shaped the genetic diversity of the winter moth (Operophtera brumata) in Europe Andersen, Jeremy C.; Havill, Nathan P.; Caccone, Adalgisa; Elkinton, Joseph S. 2017
Field assessment of hybridization between Laricobius nigrinus and L. rubidus, predators of Adelgidae Fischer, Melissa J.; Havill, Nathan P.; Brewster, Carlyle C.; Davis, Gina A.; Salom, Scott M.; Kok, Loke T. 2015
Using structure locations as a basis for mapping the wildland urban interface Bar-Massada, Avi; Stewart, Susan I.; Hammer, Roger B.; Mockrin, Miranda H.; Radeloff, Volker C. 2013
Hybridization between a native and introduced predator of Adelgidae: An unintended result of classical biological control Havill, N.P.; Davis, Gina; Mausel, David; Klein, Joanne; McDonald, Richard; Jones, Cera; Fischer, Melissa; Salom, Scott; Caccone, Adelgisa 2012
Nut cold hardiness as a factor influencing the restoration of American chestnut in northern latitudes and high elevations Saielli, Thomas M.; Schaberg, Paul G.; Hawley, Gary J.; Halman, Joshua M.; Gurney, Kendra M. 2012
Shoot winter injury and nut cold tolerance: Possible limitations for American chestnut restoration in cold environments? In: Sniezko, Richard A.; Yanchuk, Alvin D.; Kliejunas, John T.; Palmieri, Katharine M.; Alexander, Janice M.; Frankel, Susan J., tech Saielli, Thomas M.; Schaberg, Paul G.; Hawley, Gary J.; Halman, Joshua M.; Gurney, Kendra M. 2012
Volatile organic compound emmission rates from mixed deciduous and coniferous foest in Northern Wisconsin, USA Isebrands, J. G.; Guenther, A. B.; Harley, P.; Helmig, D.; Klinger, L.; Vierling, L.; Zimmerman, P.; Geron, C. 1999

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