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Comparison of small area estimation methods applied to biopower feedstock supply in the Northern U.S. region Goerndt, Michael E.; Wilson, Barry T.; Aguilar, Francisco X. 2019
Double sampling for post-stratification in forest inventory Westfall, James A.; Lister, Andrew J.; Scott, Charles T.; Weber, Thomas A. 2019
Increasing Precision for French Forest Inventory Estimates using the k-NN Technique with Optical and Photogrammetric Data and Model-Assisted Estimators Irulappa-Pillai-Vijayakumar, Dinesh Babu; Renaud, Jean-Pierre ; Morneau, Franšois ; McRoberts, Ronald E.; Vega, CÚdric 2019
The downed and dead wood inventory of forests in the United States Woodall, Christopher W.; Monleon, Vicente J.; Fraver, Shawn ; Russell, Matthew B.; Hatfield, Mark H.; Campbell, John L.; Domke, Grant M. 2019
How much can natural resource inventory benefit from finer resolution auxiliary data? Hou, Zhengyang ; McRoberts, Ronald E.; Stňhl, G÷ran ; Packalen, Petteri ; Greenberg, Jonathan A.; Xu, Qing 2018
The effects of global positioning system receiver accuracy on airborne laser scanning-assisted estimates of aboveground biomass McRoberts, Ronald E.; Chen, Qi ; Walters, Brian F.; Kaisershot, Daniel J. 2018
The shelf-life of airborne laser scanning data for enhancing forest inventory inferences McRoberts, Ronald E.; Chen, Qi ; Gormanson, Dale D.; Walters, Brian F. 2018
Assessing forest windthrow damage using single-date, post-event airborne laser scanning data Chirici, Gherardo ; Bottalico, Francesca ; Giannetti, Francesca ; Del Perugia, Barbara ; Travaglini, Davide ; Nocentini, Susanna ; Kutchartt, Erico ; Marchi, Enrico ; Foderi, Cristiano ; Fioravanti, Marco ; Fattorini, Lorenzo ; Bottai, Lorenzo ; McRoberts, Ronald ; NŠsset, Erik ; Corona, Piermaria ; Gozzini, Bernardo 2017
Effects of temporally external auxiliary data on model-based inference Hou, Zhengyang ; Xu, Qing ; McRoberts, Ronald E.; Greenberg, Jonathan A.; Liu, Jinxiu ; Heiskanen, Janne ; Pitkńnen, Sari ; Packalen, Petteri 2017
Multivariate inference for forest inventories using auxiliary airborne laser scanning data McRoberts, Ronald E.; Chen, Qi ; Walters, Brian F. 2017

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