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Our collection of research publications available in electronic format grows daily.  If a publication you need is not yet available, please follow the link and fill out a request form or email Sharon Hobrla and we will notify you as soon as it has been added to our online collection.

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Aircraft-based inversions quantify the importance of wetlands and livestock for Upper Midwest methane emissions Yu, Xueying ; Millet, Dylan B.; Wells, Kelley C.; Henze, Daven K.; Cao, Hansen ; Griffis, Timothy J.; Kort, Eric A.; Plant, Genevieve ; Deventer, Malte J.; Kolka, Randall K.; Roman, D. Tyler; Davis, Kenneth J.; Desai, Ankur R.; Baier, Bianca C.; McKain, Kathryn ; Czarnetzki, Alan C.; Bloom, A. Anthony. 2021
Outstanding Pinkish Brown-Spored Neotropical Boletes: Austroboletus subflavidus and Fistulinella gloeocarpa (Boletaceae, Boletales) from the Dominican Republic Gelardi, Matteo ; Angelini, Claudio ; Costanzo, Federica ; Ercole, Enrico ; Ortiz-Santana, Beatriz ; Vizzini, Alfredo 2021
A note on the estimation of variance for big BAF sampling ŅGove, Jeffrey H.; Gregoire, Timothy G.; Ducey, Mark J.; Lynch, Thomas B. 2020
Comparing Asian Gypsy Moth [Lymantria dispar asiatica (Lepidoptera: Erebidae) and L. dispar japonica] Trap Data From East Asian Ports With Lab Parameterized Phenology Models: New Tools and Questions Trotter, R Talbot; Limbu, Samita ; Hoover, Kelli ; Nadel, Hannah ; Keena, Melody A. 2020
Countcolors, an R package for quantification of the fluorescence emitted by Pseudogymnoascus destructans lesions on the wing membranes of hibernating bats Hooper, Sarah E.; Weller, Hannah ; Amelon, Sybill K. 2020
Distribution of forest ownerships across the conterminous United States, 2017 Sass, Emma M.; Butler, Brett J.; Markowski-Lindsay, Marla 2020
How far can we trust forestry estimates from low-density LiDAR acquisitions? The Cutfoot Sioux experimental forest (MN, USA) case study Borgogno Mondino, Enrico ; Fissore, Vanina ; Falkowski, Michael J.; Palik, Brian 2020
Mapping Forest Composition with Landsat Time Series: An Evaluation of Seasonal Composites and Harmonic Regression Adams, Bryce ; Iverson, Louis ; Matthews, Stephen ; Peters, Matthew ; Prasad, Anantha ; Hix, David M. 2020
Predicting terpene content in dried conifer shoots using near infrared spectroscopy Champagne, Emilie ; Bonin, MichaŽl ; Royo, Alejandro ; Tremblay, Jean-Pierre ; Raymond, Patricia 2020
Predictive modeling of bedrock outcrops and associated shallow soil in upland glaciated landscapes Fraser, Olivia L.; Bailey, Scott W.; Ducey, Mark J.; McGuire, Kevin J. 2020

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