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Assessing tree ring d15N of four temperate deciduous species as an indicator of N availability using independent long-term records at the Fernow Experimental Forest, WV Burnham, Mark B.; Adams, Mary Beth; Peterjohn, William T. 2019
Soluble soil aluminum alters the relative uptake of mineral nitrogen forms by six mature temperate broadleaf tree species: possible implications for watershed nitrate retention Burnham, Mark B.; Cumming, Jonathan R.; Adams, Mary Beth; Peterjohn, William T. 2017
Stable isotope ratios and reforestation potential in Acacia koa populations on Hawai’i Lawson, Shaneka ; Pike, Carrie 2017
The response of tree ring d15N to whole-watershed urea fertilization at the Fernow Experimental Forest, WV Burnham, Mark B.; McNeil, Brenden E.; Adams, Mary Beth; Peterjohn, William T. 2016
Availability of residual fertilizer 15N from forest floor and mineral soil to Douglas-fir seedlings ten years after fertilization Swanston, Christopher W.; Preston, Caroline M. 2014
Fungal functioning in a pine forest: evidence from a 15N-labeled global change experiment Hobbie, Erik A.; van Diepen, Linda T.A.; Lilleskov, Erik A.; Oiumette, Andrew P.; Finzi, Adrien C.; Hofmockel, Kirsten S. 2014
The fate of nitrogen mineralized from leaf litter — Initial evidence from 15N-labeled litter Piatek, Kathryn B. 2011
Natural abundance 15N in soil and litter across a nitrate-output gradient in New Hampshire Pardo, L.H.; Hemond, H.F.; Montoya, J.P.; Pett-Ridge, J. 2007
Regional patterns in foliar 15N across a gradient of nitrogen deposition in the northeastern US Pardo, Linda H.; McNulty, Steven G.; Boggs, Johnny L.; Duke, Sara 2007
Evaluating the source of streamwater nitrate using d15N and d18O in nitrate in two watersheds in New Hampshire, USA Pardo, Linda H.; Kendall, Carol; Pett-Ridge, Jennifer; Chang, Cecily C.Y.; Chang, Cecily C.Y. 2004

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