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Aneides aeneus (green salamander)

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Riedel, Breanna L.; Russell, Kevin R.; Ford, W. Mark; Godwin, H. W.

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Herpetological Review 37(2):196-197


Aneides aeneus inhabits cliffs and rockface outcrops at elevations <1340 m in mountainous forests from southwestern Pennsylvania to extreme northeastern Mississippi (Petranka 1998. Salamanders of the United States and Canada. Smithsonian Institution Press, Washington D.C. 587 pp.). Populations are largely confined to deep crevices within sandstone, granite, and schist formations but occasionally are found under loose bark of fallen trees (Petranka, op. cit.). The extent to which A. aeneus disperses between isolated rock outcrops is unknown. Individuals are rarely observed in adjacent forest floor habitats even when collecting around rock outcrops with large populations (Snyder 1991. J. Tennessee Acad. Sci. 66: 165-169). Although A. aeneus has been recorded crossing roads during April-June (Cupp 1991. J. Tennessee Acad. Sci. 66: 171-174; Williams and Gordon 1961. Copeia 1961:353), disturbance to forest habitats is thought to limit dispersal between rock outcrops (Petranka, op. cit.). Here we report dispersal of A. aeneus across an open, disturbed habitat in southern West Virginia.


Riedel, Breanna L.; Russell, Kevin R.; Ford, W. Mark; Godwin, H. W. 2006. Aneides aeneus (green salamander). Herpetological Review 37(2):196-197

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