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Forced convection fire spread along wooden dowel array

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Di Cristina, Giovanni ; Kozhumal, Shijin ; Simeoni, Albert ; Skowronski, Nicholas ; Rangwala, Ali ; Im, Seong-kyun

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Fire Safety Journal


The effects of freestream flow on fire spread behaviors of a discrete wooden fuel array were studied. The spacing between fuel elements was varied, and the flame spread behavior under 1, 2, and 3 m/s forced flow velocities was investigated. The fastest spread rate was not observed for the smallest spacing. Furthermore, increasing spacing did not necessarily lead to a slower spread, as seen with the flame spread along the 0.75 cm spaced array which was as fast or faster than the 0.5 cm spacing condition. At a spacing of 1 cm, fragmented flames were observed at wind speeds of 3 m/s that coincided with a slower spread rate than the 2 m/s wind conditions. The anomalies were explained using flame visualization and pitot probe measurements to determine the effects of flow speed at different spacing conditions. It seems that a coupling between the combustion and fluid dynamics of flow around the dowel cylinders under certain conditions strongly affects the fire spread behaviors.


Flame spread; Wood combustion; Discrete fuels; Fluid dynamics


Di Cristina, Giovanni; Kozhumal, Shijin; Simeoni, Albert; Skowronski, Nicholas; Rangwala, Ali; Im, Seong-kyun. 2020. Forced convection fire spread along wooden dowel array. Fire Safety Journal. : 103090-.

Last updated on: September 14, 2020