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2019 US Forest Service National Silviculture Workshop: Forest Management and Research Partnerships

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Dey, Daniel ; Schuler, Thomas M.

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Journal of Forestry


The 27th US Forest Service National Silviculture Workshop was held May 21–23, 2019 in Bemidji, MN. The theme of the workshop was Forest Management–Research Partnerships. The workshop series began in 1973 and was held annually until 1979, when it went on a biennial schedule. The main purpose of the workshop has been to provide a forum for US Forest Service managers and scientists to come together to share knowledge, approaches, and insights on practical issues facing the National Forests. The workshop location has been near a National Forest to facilitate a field day to review regional management practices, problems, and research on the National Forests. It has been held in 19 states over the years. Beginning in 2007, a concerted effort has been made to invite silviculture professors from university forestry programs across the nation to join in the workshop, as they also are important partners of Forest Service management and research. The objectives of the workshop were to: • Provide a forum to showcase successful partnerships and shared stewardship between forest managers and researchers. • Enhance forest management and research relationships within the US Forest Service and with external partners to meet shared goals and objectives. • Build on the US Forest Service strategic objectives to improve the condition of forests through innovative silviculture and active forest management. • Identify emerging forest-management needs to guide future research investment.


silviculture; coproduction of science; shared stewardship; forest management; research collaboration


Dey, Daniel C; Schuler, Thomas M. 2020. 2019 US Forest Service National Silviculture Workshop: Forest Management and Research Partnerships. Journal of Forestry. 118(3): 215-218.

Last updated on: May 6, 2020