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Now I See: Photovisualization to Support Agricultural Climate Adaptation

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Schattman, Rachel E.; Hurley, Stephanie ; Caswell, Martha

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Society & Natural Resources


To remain viable, agricultural producers will need to adapt to changing climatic conditions in coming decades. Agricultural advisers play an important role in helping producers decide to adopt appropriate adaptation practices. Photovisualizations have the potential to complement currently utilized outreach and education strategies. This research uses a focus group approach to explore (1) whether photovisualizations can aid in decision-making about climate change adaptation, and (2) what characteristics of photovisualizations are most effective at conveying spatial aspects of adaptation practices. We found that photovisualizations generate rich discussions about ecological and economic effects as well as tradeoffs associated with climate adaptation practices. To have the greatest impact, photovisualizations should be used when producers are considering implementing high-cost or high-risk projects, when practices are likely to dramatically change the visual landscape, or when a practice is unfamiliar to a producer.


Agricultural advisers, best management strategies, climate change adaptation, decision making, outreach


Schattman, Rachel E.; Hurley, Stephanie; Caswell, Martha. 2019. Now I See: Photovisualization to Support Agricultural Climate Adaptation. Society & Natural Resources. 7 p.

Last updated on: February 6, 2019