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Tree species distribution in the United States Part 1

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Riemann, Rachel ; Wilson, Barry T.; Lister, Andrew J.; Cook, Oren ; Crane-Murdoch, Sierra

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Journal of Maps


The distribution and local abundance of tree species constitute basic information about our forest ecosystems that is relevant to understanding their ecology, diversity, and relationship to people. The US Forest Service conducts a forest inventory across all forest lands in the United States. We developed geospatial models of forest attributes using this sample-based inventory which make this information available for an even wider variety of applications. From these modeled datasets, we created a series of maps for 24 US states in an effort to connect more people to trees, the datasets, and the scientific research behind them. Presenting these maps in an attractive way invites engagement. The sidebar text is presented in accessible scientific language that clearly defines terms, guides readers in interpreting the maps and histograms, and provides source details and links. The resulting maps are inviting, informative, and accessible to a broad range of people of different ages and backgrounds.

Maps for the twenty-four Northeastern and Midwestern states showing modeled tree distributions


Tree species; basal area; education; engagement; forest inventory; map design


Riemann, Rachel; Wilson, Barry T.; Lister, Andrew J.; Cook, Oren; Crane-Murdoch, Sierra. 2018. Tree species distribution in the United States Part 1. Journal of Maps. 14(2): 561-566.

Last updated on: February 8, 2019