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Invite wildlife to your backyard

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Thomas, Jack Ward; Brush, Robert O.; DeGraaf, Richard M.

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National Wildlife. 11(3): 5:16.


Go out in your backyard and look around. Watch the fish weaving among the water lilies, the dragonflies moving in glittering arcs above the little pool. Don't move – the robins are busy feeding their youngsters in that nest above your head; squirrels are edging down the beech trunks behind you and darting into the shrubbery. The wisteria on your stone wall is almost irresistible to the humming bird that just appeared, and song sparrows are adding their notes to a tangle of birdsong sifting down from the oaks and maples. If you're really patient, that timid cottontail might bring her brood onto the grass for one last taste of the dew-silvered grass. This isn't your yard, you say? It could be.

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Thomas, Jack Ward; Brush, Robert O.; DeGraaf, Richard M. 1973. Invite wildlife to your backyard. National Wildlife. 11(3): 5:16. [reprint of the original article].

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