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Restoring nature: continuing the conversation

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Gobster, Paul H.; Hull, R. Bruce

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Ecological Restoration 19(4):225-226


In the course of our lives we are sometimes confronted by events that jolt us out of our everyday experience. These events can be positive-the birth of a child, a move to a new region or country, the rediscovery of a species thought to be lost from an ecosystem. Such events can also be negative-the death of a loved one, a lost political battle, the bulldozing of a favorite natural area. With some distancing and reflection, these events often produce profound insights. Restoring Nature is an attempt to draw value from one such event, the Chicago restoration controversy.


Gobster, Paul H.; Hull, R. Bruce. 2001. Restoring nature: continuing the conversation. Ecological Restoration 19(4):225-226

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