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Book Review: Greening in the Red Zone

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Urban Forestry & Urban Greening 12(4): 606-607.


In the aftermath of a crisis, local, often spontaneous stewardship of nature provides a source of social-ecological resilience to individuals, communities, and ecosystems. This is the concept behind Greening in the Red Zone, and one that may be intuitive to many working in urban forestry, community greening, or any of the local nonprofits or community groups who act as civic ‘first responders’ in a time of need, helping communities recover with sometimes limited resources but valuable local knowledge. Yet, these greening responses to 'red zones'--places that are dangerous or hostile, such as during or in the aftermath of a war, natural disaster, political or economic collapse--are often overlooked by policymakers and government agencies.


Falxa Raymond, Nancy. 2013. Book Review: Greening in the Red Zone. Urban Forestry & Urban Greening 12(4): 606–607.

Last updated on: December 3, 2013