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Make Log Yield Analysis Part of Your Daily Routine

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Hardwood Matters: 8-9, 11


You haven't been conducting regular log yield studies because you don't have extra people to assign to the task. Besides, you've been around sawmills your whole life and have an innate sense of how your logs are yielding relative to the price you paid for them. Right? At the USDA Forest Service's hardwood marketing and utilization research lab in Princeton, WV, new tools have been developed to reduce the personnel and time burden associated with conducting sawmill studies. These tools include a guidebook on how to organize a sawmill study to obtain the information you need without disrupting your daily production routine and a program that can help you determine your true operating cost per minute and per thousand board feet.


Wiedenbeck, Jan; Palmer, Jeff; Mayer, Robert. 2006. Make Log Yield Analysis Part of Your Daily Routine. Hardwood Matters: 8-9, 11

Last updated on: June 14, 2006