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Editorial: What do we mean by "landscape"?

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Gobster, Paul H.; Xiang, Wei-Ning

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Landscape and Urban Planning. 106: 219-220.


As a prelude to revising the Aims and Scope of Landscape and Urban Planning (LAND), our last editorial discussed the journal’s "intellectual landscape" as revealed by an analysis of conceptual and proximal relationships between articles published in LAND and 50 other research journals. The six conceptual themes we identified--ecology, planning and management, social science, sustainability science, design and engineering, and GIScience--help situate the journal within a diverse range of disciplines and professional fields. The closest ties between LAND and other journals, however, suggest that the over-arching concept of landscape provides a core concern for shared involvement. But does shared involvement equate to a shared understanding of the meanings of landscape?


Gobster, Paul H.; Xiang, Wei-Ning. 2012. Editorial: What do we mean by "landscape"? Landscape and Urban Planning. 106: 219-220.

Last updated on: May 24, 2012