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Moving Field Guides

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Meador, Cassie; Twery, Mark; Leatherbury, Meagan

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Legacy Magazine. 22(6): 26-27.


The Moving Field Guides (MFG) project is a creative take on site interpretation. Moving Field Guides provide an example of how scientific and artistic endeavors work in parallel. Both begin with keen observations that produce information that must be analyzed, understood, and interpreted. That interpretation then needs to be communicated to others to complete the process. Creating a Moving Field Guide is an original path through that process. Using motion and storytelling, it creates an opportunity for lasting understanding of the environment.


Meador, Cassie; Twery, Mark; Leatherbury, Meagan. 2011. Moving Field Guides. Legacy Magazine. 22(6): 26-27.

Last updated on: December 21, 2011