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Race to the future: Integrating 21st century skills into science instruction

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Duran, Emilio; Yaussy, Daniel; Yaussy, Leslie

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Science Activities. 48: 98-106.


Race to the Future is an exciting and dynamic activity modeled after the reality television show The Amazing Race. It exemplifies how 21st century skills can be incorporated into core subject instruction and at the same time positively enhance student engagement. In this activity, students work quickly and cooperatively with their teammates and use 21st century skills to successfully decipher five clues related to science content. We have used this activity with excellent results with different groups of students (middle school, high school, and university students), for different purposes (ice-breaker, teambuilding, course assessment, and evaluation), and in broad curriculum areas (science and math). However, the activity is especially powerful when introduced during the first day or week of class. The meaningful and enjoyable student collaboration, the upbeat class environment, and the enhanced student engagement achieved at the conclusion of this challenging activity set an optimal teaching and learning environment for the entire quarter/semester.


student engagement; cooperative learning; 21st century skills; science instruction


Duran, Emilio; Yaussy, Daniel; Yaussy, Leslie. 2011. Race to the future: Integrating 21st century skills into science instruction. Science Activities. 48: 98-106.

Last updated on: May 26, 2011