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Estimating ground water yield in small research basins

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Ground Water 41(7):1001-1004


An analysis of ground water recharge in 32 small research watersheds shows the average flow of ground water out of the watershed (deep seepage) is 45% of streamflow and ranges from 8 to 350 mm/year when apportioned over the watershed area. It is time to meld ground water and small watershed science. The use of we11 networks and the evaluation of ground water well hydrographs or the use of ground water models to estimate deep seepage from small research basins is highly recommended. Future investigators now armed with better tools necessary to estimate all the water and nutrients and have no need to quietly assume deep seepage is zero.


Verry, Elon S. 2003. Estimating ground water yield in small research basins. Ground Water 41(7):1001-1004

Last updated on: February 12, 2008