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Type studies of corticioid Hymenomycetes (Basidiomycota) with aculei

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Sydowia. 61: 273-285.


Type specimens of ten, resupinate, corticioid basidiomycetes with aculei described by various authors were examined. Five species are later synonyms: Acia conferta P.H.B. Talbot (= Phanerochaete subquercina), Hydnum squalinum Fr.: Fr. (= Cerrena unicolor), Melzerodontia udamentiens P. Roberts (= Phlebia badia), Mycoleptodon ljubarskii Pilát (= Hydnophlebia chrysorhiza), Odontia griseo-olivacea Höhn. (= Phlebia uda). The new combination, Scopulodontia webbii (= Hydnumwebbii Berk.), is proposed. Phaeoradulum guadelupense Pat. is a species of unknown affinities. Three species were tentatively identified to species: Hydnum bresadolae Qué1. (= Dentipellis cf. fragilis), Hydnum stalagmodes Berk. & M.A. Curtis (= Phlebia cf. fuscoatra), and Odontia palumbina Höhn. (= Scopuloides cf. rimosa).The misapplication of the name Hydnum squalina is discussed.


Hydnum limonicolor, Odontia latemarginata, Odonticium monfraguense, Odonticium flavicans


Nakasone, K.K. 2009. Type studies of corticioid Hymenomycetes (Basidiomycota) with aculei. Sydowia. 61: 273-285.

Last updated on: March 26, 2010