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Invasive insects impact forest carbon dynamics

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Global Change Biology. 16: 88-101.


Invasive insects can impact ecosystem functioning by altering carbon, nutrient, and hydrologic cycles. In this study, we used eddy covariance to measure net CO2 exchange with the atmosphere (NEE), and biometric measurements to characterize net ecosystem productivity (NEP) in oak- and pine-dominated forests that were defoliated by Gypsy moth (Lymantria dispar L.) in the New Jersey Pine Barrens. Three years of data were used to compare C dynamics; 2005 with minimal defoliation, 2006 with partial defoliation of the canopy and understory in a mixed stand, and 2007 with complete defoliation of an oak-dominated stand, and partial defoliation of the mixed and pine-dominated stands.


carbon cycle; ecosystem function; eddy covariance; invasive species; net carbon exchange; New Jersey Pine Barrens; Pitch Pine


Clark, Kenneth L.; Skowronski, Nicholas; Hom, John. 2010. Invasive insects impact forest corbon dynamics

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