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Cricket, Anyone?

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Minnesota Better Forest. Vol. 6 no. 1.:p. 8-9. (2001)


The focus for this issue is an interesting group of plants-- the "willows". Although willows have many uses, the one that brings them their "highest level of sophistica- tion" is as the raw material for cricket bats. Somebody, somewhere must make cricket bats from something other than wiliow (to the cricket aficionado this is likely akin to making a baseball bat from something other than wood from the ash tree--for ball players of my generation anyway!). But the traditional wood, used for more than a century, was and is from willows.


willows; cricket bat; Minnesota


Zasada, John. 2001. Cricket, Anyone?. Minnesota Better Forest. Vol. 6 no. 1.:p. 8-9. (2001)

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